Headshot Tony Shakib
Tony Shakib General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure partner insights: what is the value of working with Microsoft?

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In the third video of this series, “Azure partner insights,” we hear from Microsoft partners ABB, PwC, PTC and Sierra Wireless on the value of working with Microsoft on the Internet of Things (IoT). You’ll hear partner feedback like the following:

  • “An IoT platform that allows us to leverage our business knowledge.”
  • “Security requirements that our customers need.”
  • “Partner programs that help us broaden our reach.”

The goal of this series of shorts is to share specific insights and learnings in areas where partners will find the most value.

Tim Scanlon, Group Vice President, ABB, believes customers are looking for deep domain expertise around both the IoT and operational technology (OT). In his view, Microsoft offers the domain expertise in IoT while ABB brings customers expertise in operational technology like industrial automation, robotics and electrification. This integrated solution is a win-win for customers when ABB builds IoT solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Michael Bruns, Partner, Digital Operations, PwC Europe, shares how Microsoft offers an IoT platform that allows PwC to leverage its business knowledge, and how this allows solutions to be delivered quickly and efficiently—ultimately benefitting customers.

Kathleen Mitford, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP at PTC, believes that with Microsoft, PTC can get customers to value faster. She attributes this to an Azure IoT platform that is scalable and has all the security features that customers need.

Kent Thexton, President & CEO at Sierra Wireless, sees value in how Microsoft works with partners. He describes the partner framework as impressive and notes that Microsoft programs have helped his company broaden its reach.

The bottom line? Partners value the Azure IoT platform and Microsoft partner programs. Partners are able to deploy IoT solutions at scale to digitally transform their customers’ businesses.