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Tony Shakib General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure partner insights: Best practices for selling Azure IoT projects

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In the fourth video of this series, “Azure partner insights,” we hear from Microsoft partners ABB and Accenture on best practices for selling Azure Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The goal of this series of shorts is to share specific insights and learnings in areas where partners will find the most value.

Recommendations for selling IoT include the following:

  • Lead with business value
  • Focus on the benefits of digital transformation
  • Speak to specific industry applications

Tim Scanlon, Group Vice President, ABB, recommends that solution providers focus on business value. Customers want to have a conversation about their specific industry application, and they want to understand where their role fits and how key performance indicators (KPIs) will be tracked. ABB’s focused business areas include electrification, industrial automation, smart motion, and robotics.

Brendan Mislin, Managing Director of Industry X.O, IoT Lead at Accenture, explains that Accenture focuses on selling digital transformation rather than on selling IoT. Accenture positions IoT as a technology that enables transformation—like AI, blockchain, analytics, cybersecurity, or mixed reality. Accenture Industry X.O is a global system integrator that delivers solutions across many industries including manufacturing, mining, retail, and healthcare.

The bottom line? In the words of Brendan Mislin, “Customers are asking for IoT projects done with Azure.”