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Senior leaders and subject matter experts from across Microsoft are regularly invited to contribute to the Microsoft Partner Network blog. They explore relevant topics and provide valuable insight into the strategies, tools, trends and differentiators that help our partners thrive.

Black businesswoman using cell phone on sofa in office

Celebrating Black futures this Juneteenth

Group of coworkers in a conference having a video call with nine other people on a large screen

Explore Microsoft virtualization options during DISRUPT on Tour 2022

Man at home, smiling at Windows tablet
Cloud transformation

Learn to sell the Microsoft Cloud and drive business transformation with Sales Bootcamps

Woman standing in front of a whiteboard and gesturing with her hands
Modern sales and marketing

Guiding successful sales conversations across the Microsoft cloud portfolio

Man sitting at desk in home office, holding tablet and looking at two monitors

Announcing new Windows 365 resources for partners

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Program resources and support

Microsoft training aims to grow both technical and sales skills for Business Applications

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Modern sales and marketing

Deliver new speed and scale with consumption motions

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Cloud transformation

Empowering partners to accelerate customer desktop and app virtualization