In an environment with tough competition and high customer expectations we need to ensure that our partners are serving and delighting their local customers.  Getting this right with each individual customer, keeps them coming back – increasing our partners’ opportunities for revenue growth.  A key role of the Microsoft Partner Network is to ensure that our competency partners are providing the right quality of service to our end customers.  We drive this through measuring and supporting the development of our partners’ proven expertise around our solutions. To ensure that our competency partners are providing the right support and services to local customers, we believe that each partner should have foundational local capable capacity.   

We announced late last year that we are moving to a Country Qualification structure commencing October 2013.  If your organization is impacted by this change you will already have received an email from us and our support team has been in contact with your named Headquarter Primary Contact.
What does this change mean for you? – if you have practices in more than one Country*, your organization is most likely impacted by this change.  Please ensure you are ready to meet the Competency requirements in each Country where you want to market yourself as a branded Microsoft competency partner as outlined in the call to action.   
  1. Identify what competencies you are looking to maintain within the Microsoft Partner Network and in what Countries and how you are executing against this.  Having this plan available will help us help you reach your goal faster.

  2. If your organization has not been contacted by one of our Support Professionals, please reach out to your local Regional Service Center and they will provide you the support you require.
Please be sure that you assess where your organization is now in regards to this change so the transition in October is smooth for your Microsoft commercial practices.  Based on Field, Customer and Partner feedback, we believe this is the right direction to help all of us compete with quality, matching the right capable partner practices with local customers to drive customer satisfaction and retention.   
Please send me a note anytime if you have questions or suggestions and look forward to seeing many of you at WPC.
*in some cases we are grouping smaller Countries together (example: small country clusters and in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa).  Check with your local Regional Service Center to see if you need to meet the requirements in each Country or if you are covered with these groupings.