Earlier this week, previously communicated changes to the Microsoft Partner Network program officially went into effect. These include updates for Microsoft competencies and requirements.

Complete details of the changes can be found on the Microsoft Partner Network website, and you can refer to the Disclosure Guide that highlights what has changed.
Today, I want to call out one of the changes regarding Presales Technical assessments – and how we at MPN Training can help.
As part of the updates this week, Presales Technical assessments will now be required to earn the following competencies:
  • Collaboration and Content
  • Communications
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Devices and Deployment
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Messaging
This requirement is designed to help you in your presales activities. Beyond being a requirement for these business areas, the Presales Technical Specialist program is a great way to boost your business: internal research shows that the impact of trained Presales Technical Specialists can lead to larger and faster deals. You can learn more about the Presales program here, and you’ll also find links directly to our partner learning paths, which show a recommended training path and can prepare you and your employees to pass the required assessments.
To help you make the transition to these new program changes, you can consult our learning paths. Also, take advantage of the Exam Pack offer to help you purchase packs of required certification exams.
Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft Partner Network.