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As we have recently been discussing here on the Microsoft Partner Network blog, community matters. It matters for businesses. It matters for our personal and our family lives. Community provides a sense of belonging, personal and professional growth, leadership opportunities, and so much more. We see the positive impact of our growing partner community every day, and we want to do everything we can to help our partners connect and learn from each other.

That’s why we are so proud to announce the launch of the official Microsoft Partner Community. This is a centralized online platform right on the Microsoft Partner website where partners can connect with each other, with Microsoft SMEs, and with the industry leaders who will make a difference in this community.

Creating a Centralized Community Platform

It’s been a long road, but through the commitment of the Microsoft Partner Community (MPC) team, we have created an all-new online platform where partners can connect. The goal of MPC is to become the one united community platform that drives partner and Microsoft business conversations. Through it, we will be streamlining access to key content, subject matter experts and networking opportunities with other partners.

But MPC is not just an information hub. It’s also a fun and interactive digital venue. Partners can earn badges for their participation, move through the ranks by receiving kudos and providing solutions and build their own community of go-to experts.

Features of MPC include a helpful notifications dashboard, search function, and endless scalability so that as the Microsoft Partner Network grows, so too does the community.

A Community with Purpose

The intention behind creating MPC was to provide partners with a better place to connect online. Collaboration and partner relationships are so powerful. They are what business success is built on. Now, with access to MPC, those relationships are even easier to build.

We know that now more than ever before, it is critical for partners to embrace modern marketing and business techniques. MPC provides partners with the opportunity to do just that, develop new techniques, learn best practices, and really leverage their digital presence. Users can connect directly with other partners and Microsoft experts on MPC. They have access to curated marketing material, sales and technical tools, and key go-to-market opportunities to support their business goals. With MPC, partners can now get quicker support resolution around tough business blockers.

While social networking and discussion is the foundation of MPC, the community is not just a place to ask and answer questions. It’s a hub of intellectual discussion, the perfect place to exchange ideas, learn about new products and improvements, and to get inspired. Look for Q&A sessions, brainstorming, blogging, and advice. There will be ongoing opportunities to collaborate, provide feedback, and discuss the big ideas that are reshaping the industry as we know it.

The bottom line is that we built MPC because we want to hear your opinions, and we believe in fostering an environment for innovation and partnership. So, check out the new platform today to learn about how you can leverage MPC to connect, engage, and collaborate.

What are you most excited to discuss on the new Microsoft Partner Community platform? Share your thoughts in the comments below.