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Microsoft Inspire is about more than celebrating cutting edge technology and the partner community’s mutual achievements. Our flagship partner event provides attendees with the opportunity to really connect with Microsoft employees, with industry experts, and with other partners. Even more than that, Microsoft Inspire is about bringing passionate individuals together to give a voice to technology and to drive positive change.

I have seen firsthand how powerful that collaboration can be. That passion for innovative thought and relationship building has made the experience at this event more valuable with every passing year. Microsoft Inspire brings those great business and technical minds together to inspire powerful change!

Digital Transformation: Where the Rubber Hits the Road

We’ve heard a lot about what digital transformation means to our partner ecosystem, but at its core, we have seen that digital transformation is about driving positive change in the world. To us in the partner ecosystem, that’s what Microsoft Inspire is about too. We are working to bring our partners together to help them achieve more, through access to the most advanced technologies, to expert business advice, and to the networking opportunities that pave the way for industry-leading collaboration.

If you don’t already know how partnering with Microsoft and other companies within the partner ecosystem can benefit your business, this event will make it abundantly clear. Microsoft Inspire is where we bring those opportunities to life.

Highlights from Past Keynote Speeches

The keynote speeches are often most influential sessions available at an event like Microsoft Inspire, and looking back at some of the speakers of the past, it’s not hard to see why. Satya’s keynote from last year’s event beautifully illustrated how deeply Microsoft values the partner community and how we can do amazing things together.

“Microsoft has always been a partner-led company and will always be a partner-led company. But what really drives us, what makes it all possible, is your passion, your commitment, and your drive to make us better.”

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Just as powerful, Brad Smith spoke about the importance of using the cloud for good. We’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and Brad illuminated the complex journey that has brought us this far and that we will continue to traverse together. Seeing his deep commitment to responsible and inclusive technology was deeply moving.

“When we come together and do our best work, we do great work. That is what the world needs. It needs the best of us so that we can serve the world by creating a cloud that not only spans the planet but is a cloud for global good.”

Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft

Lastly, but certainly not least, I recommend you take a look at Judson’s speech from last year. His passion for the partner ecosystem is endlessly inspiring, and his thoughts on capturing the human heart to better connect with customers and with each other will always be relevant.

“To truly allow businesses to achieve more, we need to align digital transformation with their business outcomes.”

Judson Althoff, EVP, Microsoft

Get Ready to Be Inspired

While the speeches from last year’s event were a powerful source of inspiration, I know that this year’s keynotes will go above and beyond anything we have ever seen. In addition to Satya Nadella, Ron Huddleston, Judson Althoff and myself, this year’s Microsoft Inspire Vision Keynote speakers also include Toni Townes-Whitley, CVP, Public Sector and Industry; Kirk Koenigsbauer, CVP, Office Marketing; and more. Check out the Microsoft Inspire Sessions page to see this year’s keynote and featured speakers and get an early look at what you can expect in Washington, D.C.

If you are not already registered for Microsoft Inspire, now is the perfect time to do so. If you register between now and May 26th at 11:59 PM PST, you’ll receive US$100 off an All Access Pass, so be sure to grab your pass to Microsoft Inspire today. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

How do you see your business collaborating with Microsoft and other partners at Microsoft Inspire? Share your thoughts in the comments below.