It’s been a busy week for me already and it’s only Tuesday. I’ve been in Toronto since Sunday with a fabulous group of event organizers. It takes a village to pull off a Worldwide Partner Conference — the investments we’re making to make this the best event ever are going to be apparent to you when you join us in July.


By the way, I’ve been thinking about the investment of taking time to come to Toronto for this event – for you, the investment is time and money, I understand that. But the payoff is a roadmap for the business year, business direction, business building potential with other partners, best practices, and gaining a competitive edge.

The big value of coming to this event is meeting with people face-to-face. Many of you don’t have the access to corporate Microsoft representatives and executives that those partners in the Seattle area have. You have an amazing team of subsidiary leaders that you’ll also have access to, as your representatives are coming here to greet you.  Plus, if partners from Australia come, as I know many do, then you have no excuse. An unconfirmed source indicates that the furthest point on the planet from Toronto is Perth, Australia. Now that is travel investment!
Seriously now, for as much as I am a digital person, in-person doesn’t and can never replace digital. In fact, on our LinkedIn page  a recent poll created by one of your partner peers, shows that just a little more than half of you are coming with expectations to build new business relationships.

Also, one of my colleagues is managing the development of the MPN Booth for this year, and that is going to be an incredible experience for you. He’ll be giving you a tour of the experience in a few weeks so you can get a sense of what he has in store for you – and you’ll be able to connect with the people who work day-in, day-out to make the Microsoft Partner Network what it is.

So I’ll be here, and between what I am planning, what the rock star WPC team is developing, and our new WPC experience ambassador Kati Quigley is investing in (you’ll meet her in a video we’re editing from these planning meetings) I can’t use any language to tell you how this is to not be missed.
Do that math of that versus the time and money – and I can guarantee you this: an investment like this has payoff that makes it worthwhile, and for the long-term.
And one last note to close on, we had food tasting today – the hot food was delicious, and the room smelled amazing. The catering staff has your taste buds in mind.

See you in sixty-seven days!