Akos Zsufa, President of ITnorth

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When ITnorth General Manager Akos Zsufa signed up for Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto last year, he was skeptical about Microsoft’s cloud message and wondered how his business was going to survive. What he learned at the conference changed his thinking and as a result, his business grew 33% in just 12 months – unprecedented in his company’s history.
“We experienced the fastest growth in our company’s history – we grew a whopping 33% and opened our fourth office location – we now have locations in Fort St. John, BC, Victoria, BC, Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta. We grew from 23 to 35 people.” Akos Zsufa, General Manager, ITnorth.
When Akos and his business partner decided to attend WPC for the first time last year, they were nervous about Microsoft announcing the business transition from on-premise to cloud-based solutions.
“As an SMB and Mid-Market partner, my bread and butter was installing hardware and software on client sites. If clients could order service over the cloud – what opportunity would there be for me?  What value could I provide?”
Akos was surprised by the combined level of business and technology content that was presented at WPC, as well as the easy access to key Microsoft executives and product managers. One of the critical learning sessions he attended was how to restructure for a cloud-based business model by providing higher-value services as well as how to compete against Google and other vendors.
When they returned from WPC, they implemented everything they had learned including expanding some of their services by developing for the SharePoint Apps store.
“We had really never thought of ourselves as anything but a custom shop when it came to application development – but with the introduction of destination sites like the SharePoint App store, it got us “re-thinking” our value proposition. This year we developed and are selling a SharePoint App for PS firms – helping their employees track and manage their work effort as it aligns to bonus structures – simplifying a complex scenario and helping employees remain focused on high value activities,” said Akos. He went on to add, when those WPC doors open in Houston in July – I will definitely be there.”
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