Affinity Systems has a lot to be proud of. After all, with more than 23 years in business they have delivered custom application solutions to Fortune 1000 and government organizations all over the globe. In spite of a roster of brand name clients and a reputation for excellence, they knew they wanted to develop a tighter relationship with Microsoft Canada and the Microsoft partner channel.

“Being brand new to Affinity Systems, I did not know where to begin to leverage our Microsoft relationship,” said Suzanne Andracchio, Business Development Manager, Affinity Systems.
“Plus I knew there were changes in the way that Microsoft was licensing and changes in the Microsoft Partner Network. With new competency roadmaps, we felt we needed to be better aligned with Microsoft to get business value and help our customers take advantage of the value as well.” 

Suzanne signed up for Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), joined the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), and has never looked back.


"WPC was an incredible experience for fast-tracking my relationship with Microsoft executives and product managers,” said Suzanne. “I was able to set up key meetings over the course of the 3 days that would have taken months to organize here. WPC is critical not only for networking but also for understanding the strategy that Microsoft has for the future. By understanding where Microsoft is focusing, we can align and work together to build new business opportunities.”
Affinity was also recognized as a WPC Award finalist. “The WPC finalist designation raised awareness about our organization. And by promoting it we received leads from new prospects and closed a large deal we would never have uncovered otherwise. We built connections with partners and have been accepted into some new programs at Microsoft that have helped us find more projects. We are currently executing on some joint-marketing events that would never have happened without the valuable connections we made at WPC.”  Suzanne Andracchio, Business Development Manager, Affinity Systems.
Gail Mercer-Mackay
President of Mercer-MacKay Solutions Member
IAMCP Canada / IAMCP International Board Member
Chairperson IAMCP Women in Technology​​