Erez Wohl General Manager, Business Strategy and Partner Investments

Accelerate your company’s growth with our updated investments and incentives programs

We’re optimizing our programs to better support your business objectives.

Your partnership matters to us. Your company’s success is our success, and together we have the potential to empower people and organizations across the world to achieve more.

The financial incentives offered through the Microsoft partner investments and incentives program are a critical component of realizing that mission. They power the technical and workplace innovations you need to expand your business and shape your customers’ digital transformations. To keep such incentives aligned to your modern business objectives, we’ve spent the last few months evaluating this fiscal year’s evolutionary opportunities.

Our fiscal year 2020 (FY20) optimizations focus on four priorities, and each of them are central to the partner investment and incentives program’s core objective. Whether you’re driving consumption or finding new customers, we have incentives that can support and reward your success.

  • Accelerating usage. We’re further incentivizing both Azure consumption and Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 usage.
  • Customer adds. Several incentives programs are increasing their focus on customer adds across solution areas.
  • Retaining customers. We’re raising the incentives for renewing customers and reducing churn.
  • Facilitating growth. Most importantly, our incentives programs are further emphasizing the products that align to your unique business objectives and growth priorities.

These priorities are foundational to our FY20 individual incentive program changes. Customer adds, consumption, retention, and growth are part of multiple programs, largely because we know those objectives are crucial to your company’s success.

The Microsoft partner website has more details about all the incentives programs available, but here’s a high-level look at how our FY20 approach will affect key investment and incentive programs.

  • Cloud Solution Provider. Starting in October 2019, partners will have greater earning opportunities and be rewarded for adding customer value through managed services on Azure. Partners will also have access to enhanced accelerator rates on customer adds across the three Microsoft clouds as well as incremental incentive earning opportunities on strategic products across the Cloud Solution Provider program.
  • Dynamics 365. Partners can earn increased incentives when focusing on Dynamics 365 customer-adds and driving active usage.
  • Enterprise. This program will continue rewarding partners for driving Azure consumption and sales of Modern Workplace Cloud, with higher year-over-year rates on M365 E5 (within the Enterprise Agreement).
  • Usage. These programs are moving to an incentive model where partners can earn when customers hit usage milestones. We are also simplifying the customer association via a claims process.

In order for you to take full advantage of these incentives, we are streamlining the customer conversion and service processes. We want to help remove friction from your customers’ experiences—regardless of how they choose to transact—to help them accelerate their digital transformation. To bring that vision to life, we’re centralizing a number of partner and customer interfaces, introducing a common Azure pricing engine, and rolling out new product alignments.

These changes will allow your customers to evolve their current contracts into Enterprise Agreements or Microsoft Customer Agreements far easier than before, giving you a more direct path to customer expansion and retention. To help you make use of these capabilities, this year’s program lineup will also include a Microsoft commerce incentive program that rewards you for delivering services that drive customers’ Azure consumption.

These commerce platform optimizations are founded on the same principles as our individual incentives program changes—to not only help you provide the level of service your customers expect, but to directly connect that level of service to the financial incentives that can help your business grow.

That’s what our approach to FY20 is all about—helping you succeed and grow. Partnership should work both ways. And we want to be the right partner for you.

Visit the partner website to learn more about the partner incentives program.