WPG Blog pic.jpg​I’m having an interesting, varied week in the Worldwide Partner Marketing Group (WPG).
Monday I attended a review with my colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe, a half-yearly deep dive on their business performance and market conditions. Whilst there are numerous economic challenges in the region, the work being done on behalf of our partners there is very strong on all fronts. Partners are embracing MPN. They’re joining competencies at subscription, Silver, and Gold levels. And there’s strong momentum across the region for Microsoft Cloud Technology. I was very encouraged to see the strength of our partner network in the region – great work by Hilde Sibick, our partner lead for Central and Eastern Europe.
In other news we’re recruiting a number of positions: a Digital Marketing Lead, an Audience Marketing Lead for our Application Platform portfolio, and a Team Manager for the Audience Marketing Team who will work across VARs, Distis, Si, ISVs, and hosters. My week is full of interviews with exciting and dynamic people. Selection is hard. But it’s important we hire the best talent to serve our partners and continue to innovate.
Later in the week, I’m spending most of a day in a workshop with our Analytics Team to see how we can continue to improve our marketing with analytics. We have a lot of data to we can use to make decisions about marketing effectiveness, then adjust our efforts in real-time to better serve partners with timely and relevant information. I’ll have more on this subject in early February. Watch this space.
At the end of this week I’ll host my monthly all-hands meeting. We’ll review the business, cover some internal matters, and have a peek at some new developments from across the team, such as how the next Digital WPC website is shaping up. We’ll also look at forthcoming product launches and members of the MPN design team will attend to share some long-term plans. Afterwards we’ll enjoy some social time as a team with a morale event at Snoqualmie Summit, a ski area about 45 minutes east of Redmond. Some of us will opt to go tubing; the more adventurous among us will ski or snowboard – should a get in a few hours.
Next week I head to Toronto with my team for WPC 2012 site planning. Whilst in town I’ll take time to visit our subsidiary to review partner business in Canada, and I’ll catch up with Darren Bibby of IDC to get his latest views.
Never a dull moment, or an idle one, at WPG. Much more to come.