Hello partners!

Today, it was terrific to see the hundreds of partners and Microsoft employees who came together to give back to the beautiful city of Toronto.  I know it was a heart-warming experience for you to be able to participate in visiting Toronto’s Boys & Girls Clubs and creating fun packs with essentials for the ONE X ONE organization that will certainly make a difference in the lives of youth. For those of you that spent the day with the Child Life Interactive Computers for Kids (CLICK) program, which gives kids hospital-bed access to Microsoft technology – I am sure this was an opportunity you won’t soon forget! Today, I also attended the IAMCP golf tournament where a mulligan could be purchased and proceeds donated to the ONE X ONE organization. Thank you to all who participated in these events – I know what we’ve accomplished makes a difference.

Tomorrow, I look forward to hearing insights from three of Microsoft’s key leaders: Steve Ballmer, Tami Reller, and Kurt DelBene. It’s going to be a great lineup with important messages to be heard and over 16,000 attendees at the Air Canada Centre! I am looking forward to seeing you there.​