Dan Truax General Manager, Global Partner Solutions

A resource to help go from idea to market faster: Solution Workspace

Cybersecurity professional at laptop

The pace of digital innovation this year has picked up steam, leaving organizations across the planet to make the transition to remote work, migrate to the cloud, improve cybersecurity, implement AI and advanced analytics, and incorporate other advancements to stay competitive in the marketplace. These rapid shifts have directly impacted many of our customers, who have turned to partners like you for the solutions, services, and guidance they need.

This widespread change opens a massive opportunity for our partners to meet the evolving needs of their customers, both now and in the future. IDC predicts Microsoft partners alone will generate USD984 billion in revenue this year, which it projects swelling to USD1.2 trillion by 2024. It is an exciting time to be a member of our partner ecosystem, and those that position themselves as leaders in their industry now stand to benefit tremendously.

To tap into the full power of the Microsoft Partner Network, the first step for any partner is to build an innovative solution to sell in the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Because getting your solution right is so critical to your success—and by association, the success of the entire partner ecosystem—we provide the resources and guidance you need, including access to Solution Workspace.

Access curated resources to guide your solution journey

Solution Workspace is a self-service digital experience that helps you navigate the process of building a solution, taking it to market, and selling, all while simplifying and personalizing the journey as you go. As outlined in a previous blog post, Partner Center is the primary destination for you to manage your relationship with Microsoft, where you can create and manage commercial marketplace offers, view customer engagement and sales reporting, submit support requests, and find revenue collections and payout information. Solution Workspace unlocks access to partner-tested resources and customized selling tactics along the way to help bring your idea to life, and it’s organized to align with the building process while saving the time you would have spent searching for information.

While Solution Workspace links to content and resources relevant to all three phases of a partner’s solution journey (build, go-to-market, and co-sell), it’s designed to be the Build phase’s primary experience and to help partners craft a solution that is ready to take to the Microsoft’s commercial marketplace. It’s important to note that Solution Workspace is distinct from the commercial marketplace; partners can’t publish or sell applications from within Solution Workspace—although you can access resources that walk you through how to publish to the commercial marketplace and optimize to reach new customers once you do. And once commercial marketplace integration is available, it will come with the ability to create draft offers from within Solution Workspace.

The personalized experience within Solution Workspace is meant to simplify your distinct development journey. By answering a few key questions about your idea, you’re provided with a tailored workspace with frameworks for building, publishing, and selling your solution. From enabling security measures to creating marketing campaigns, you’ll receive detailed guidance that empowers you to confidently create and market your solution. 

The new Solution Workspace user experience

We are committed to offering the tools and resources you need to provide innovative solutions for your customers. As part of our ongoing investment in this area, I’m excited to share that we recently refreshed Solution Workspace’s user experience (UX). Specifically, the new UX aims to drive increased engagement and improved progression through each stage of the building process by:

  • Enabling a more app-like experience
  • Elevating the focus of key content
  • Layering in interesting visual elements

The new Solution Workspace experience also includes a variety of go-to-market services and rewards that result in a more collaborative experience, including:

  • The ability to view and track offers and rewards directly in Solution Workspace
  • The option to invite colleagues to view specific information and collaborate on offers and rewards

These added options are available to partners with a Microsoft competency, ISV partners with a co-sell ready solution, ISV Connect partners, and partners with a published solution in the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

We will continue to make ongoing improvements to Solution Workspace, as well as the other tools and resources available to you as our partner. I recommend checking the Microsoft Partner Network blog regularly so you’re up to date with any latest developments.

As a member of the partner ecosystem, your ideas have the potential to influence organizations and individuals across the planet. When paired with our technology, the sky really is the limit for what we can achieve together. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve built dozens of solutions, we’ll be with you every step of the way as you work to meet the evolving needs of your customers, and I look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish.