In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s holiday, we at MPN Training wanted to share a little love with you, our Microsoft partners. There’s a lot to love about you all!
So far this fiscal year (since July) you’ve:
We appreciate your continuous learning, goal-setting, and achievements. We know there are a limited number of hours in the day, and we thank you for choosing to spend some of them with Microsoft and Microsoft Partner Network training.
In that spirit, I want to call attention to some of the most recent training we have released:
  • First, a reminder of our weekly Cloud Profitability Wednesdays webcast series. Coming up tomorrow, we feature an interview with Microsoft partner Eastridge, sharing how their business has successfully transitioned to offering cloud-based solutions on Office 365.
  • The Microsoft Office 365 team recently created this fun Cloudaphobia video – it’s an informative and entertaining way of helping you alleviate any fears you (or your customers) may have of transitioning to the cloud. Also, there’s a new Practice Accelerator: Office 365 for SMB.
  • Microsoft Azure: there’s pitch-perfect sales training, Road to the Cloud events, and remote workshops for Azure.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – have you seen these learning paths? There are nearly a dozen options based on your role and business focus. Also, read up on the new Cloud CRM competency.
  • Partner Practice Enablement (PPE) bootcamp sessions – which are multi-day, technical trainings designed to help you dive in to Microsoft cloud and enterprise business solutions – are coming soon. We have a live PPE webcast scheduled for February 24 that will give you a sneak peek.
  • New Data Platform University offers a sales training on topics including data insights, SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform, selling big data and the modern data warehouse, Excel and Power BI, and more.
Thank you for always aiming and striving to learn – never stop!
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