Let’s start at the start.
Blogging is Easy, Right?
Well, as with all things, there are people who are very good at it and make it look easy. The reality is that a corporate blog requires planning, patience and professionalism.
To help you decide if blogging is for you – and help you get going if you do – here are 5 questions to consider before starting a corporate blog:
  1. Why?
  2. Where do I get the ideas & content?
  3. What do we expect to achieve?
  4. Where do we put this stuff?
  5. How do we make it popular?
Let’s elaborate a bit on each question.
1. Why?
The purpose and point of blogging is to do one (or more) of several things:
  • Generate awareness – Letting people know who you are, what you do and how to learn more about your business is a very good reason.

  • Show authenticity – You are the expert, right? Share what you know. You will find that what you share sets you and your company apart.

    There is nothing wrong with being
    recognized as an expert in your industry

  • Highlight customers, partners & employees – This is also part of the answer for where you gather ideas and content. You may not be able to specifically identify customers, but you can likely talk about and share your expertise.

  • Increase reach – The world is your oyster. The ability to find information online is getting easier. So is the ability to deliver your products and services on a global scale. Whether you want to expand to the next county or to the next country … a blog can help pave the way.

  • Build an audience – This goes hand in hand with increasing reach. It has never been easier to share your thoughts, wins and expertise. There is an audience out there for everything. Find yours and build it!
2. Where do I get the ideas & content?

This one is pretty easy. Well, it’s easy to say (or type). Your customers, partners and employees are your secret sauce for great content. Just ask them open-ended questions like below. You may not like these questions (or you may not like the answers) – just adjust them as needed. Trust me … your customers, partners and employees WANT to improve and they are usually quite happy to share their thoughts.

  • What would you like to learn more about?

  • What could we do to help your business?

  • How are our products helping you be more productive?
3. What do we expect to achieve?
Metrics matter. Someone is going to be measuring, monitoring and managing the corporate blog. It’s important to know how it’s doing. Every blogging platform has tools to monitor views and other data like where the viewer is coming from, clicks within the blog and other relevant information about the performance of your blog posts. There are also 3rd party tools that can provide much more detail and can be utilized to tailor the experience.

4. Where do we put this stuff?
There are more than a few options here. One of the most common tools is WordPress. There are hundreds of plug-ins and a very robust network of professionals that are well versed in the use, development and popularization (see next point) of blogs.
5. How do we make it popular?
This one is a bit trickier. But the simple answer is you first put it out there and keep putting it out there. Consider the model Guy Kawasaki developed or develop your own model based on your industry, the regions of the world where you work, and other factors that impact your business.
The Guy Kawasaki Method – Post the same thing 3 times in 24 hours – once every 8 hours. Repeat every 2-3 days for a week.
When you post matters too, according to LocalVox:
Once is Not Enough
Bonus point: Consistency matters
One of the most important things you can do is to keep at it. It takes time to develop your voice, your audience, and for you to get your rhythm. Give yourself that time. Blogging is an art and does take time.
The time invested up front by considering these 5 questions before starting a corporate blog can help insure you are on the right path. I’d love to hear your stories and best practices around starting your company’s blog: what made you decide to have a blog? How did you choose your platform? Did you put together an editorial calendar? Let me know on the MPN Facebook page!
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