We had a wonderful Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas with our amazing partners. Thank you for joining us for a great week of learning, networking, and of course, inspiration. If you weren’t able to join us or if you missed a session that was on your list, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with sessions and Corenotes you can watch anywhere, anytime.

Watch top-rated Microsoft Inspire sessions

Based on your evaluations we’ve identified some of the top-rated sessions. Here are a few favorites available on demand:

1. Grow customer trust and services revenue with Microsoft Azure security and management

Director of Azure Management, Jeremy Winter, and head of Azure Security and Management marketing, Scott Woodgate, explain how to ensure your customers are secure and well-managed using the built-in tools in Microsoft Azure that span security, backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, governance, and more. Watch the session to understand the capabilities, roadmap, and value proposition of security and management built into Azure.

2. DevOps on Azure: loved by developers, trusted by the enterprise

Business Program Manager Leon Jones and Principal Group Program Manager Martin Woodward share new ways that Microsoft is meeting developers where they are in their DevOps journey and how partners can extend thought leadership around migrating, building, releasing, and securing quality apps. Explore the presentation to learn about the options and opportunities of our DevOps solutions and how the field approaches this scenario with customers.

3. Advanced communication techniques for sales professionals

Impact Advantage Founding Partner Joe Thomas shares how sales professionals can increase productivity and effectiveness through enhanced sales communications, and apply advanced tools and methods for immediate results. Watch the session.

4. Build an AI practice or add AI services to your products based on best practices

Learn to develop a successful AI practice or embed AI services in your solutions from Mark Stuyt, Chief Engagement Officer at Neural Impact, Inc. and Melissa Mulholland, Microsoft’s worldwide lead in driving partner strategy and business development. View the presentation.

5. Harness the power of emotional intelligence

Dr. Kendrick Wong, Director of Training at TalentSmart, Inc., shares how emotional intelligence predicts professional success, and how to identify a framework to improve and apply emotional intelligence. Watch the session.

6. Get cloud-powered identity protection

Principal Program Manager Mark Morowczynski shares how you can help customers mitigate advanced threats with a machine learning-based security capability that can be the cornerstone of your Microsoft 365 offering. Watch the session.

7. Health industry security and compliance: Adapting to the constantly shifting landscape

Patient privacy and security are top concerns for healthcare consumers and the organizations that serve them. Learn how Microsoft’s commitment and extensive cybersecurity experience can act as a key differentiator in this session, delivered by Hector Rodriguez, Worldwide Health Chief Information Security Officer and John Doyle, Director of Worldwide Health.

8. Conversational AI: How to be successful with bots

Illustrated with demos and customer use cases, check out this session by Jaime Pereña, Director of Marketing and Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, to review resources, examples, and best practices to build successful bots.

9. Design a next-generation Security Operations Center

Johnnie Konstantas, Senior Director of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, shares how Microsoft security capabilities augment a Security Operations Center and help you secure customers, manage fewer vendors, and save costs. See how our cybersecurity technologies and services enable partners to minimize risks and quickly detect and respond to threats. Watch the session.

Can’t wait to see you next year!

With more than 18,000 attendees, Microsoft Inspire 2018 was our biggest partner event yet. We can’t wait to see you next year for another week full of insights and learning opportunities. The earlier you register, the better the price, so register for Microsoft Inspire 2019 now for just USD1,995.