Thank you to all Microsoft Partners for another great year of partnership. If you missed it, be sure to watch this quick video from our team at the Worldwide Partner Group.

We wanted to share with you some highlights from this year, including 2013 by the numbers, and the top 5 partner authored blogs. Enjoy, and have a happy and profitable 2014!

 Counting down the top viewed blogs from Partners in 2013

5th most viewed:
By Andrew Hunt, Managing Director, Kinetics Group
Kinetics sees many customers who are experts at their own business, but don’t fully understand how technology can help them. They’re interested in what the cloud, particularly Office 365, can offer, but don’t know where to start. In this blog, Andrew shares how Kinetics Group helps those customers apply Cloud technology in the right way to help their businesses grow.
4th most viewed:
By: Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix @buckleyplanet
One year after Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer, Partner Christian Buckley explores the impacts of the Yammer team and technology within Microsoft and on the social collaboration industry.
3rd most viewed:
By: Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix @buckleyplanet
Christian addresses one of the most common questions he gets from other Microsoft Partners: Which tool should we use for social collaboration, Yammer or SharePoint 2013?
2nd most viewed:
By: Gail Mercer-McKay
Microsoft Partner and active member of the Women in Technology (WIT) community Gail Mercer MacKay sits down with the 2013 WPC WIT luncheon speaker, Julie Parrish. They discuss Julie’s groundbreaking journey from being the first and only woman to graduate from Santa Clara in Decision and Information Science to NetApp CMO.
Most viewed partner Blog of 2013:
By: Dux Ramond Sy, Managing Partner, Innovative-e @meetDux
Dux kicked off 2013 by sharing how SharePoint 2013, and related technologies, can guide your business through the major trends emerging in business including: Consumerization of IT and the BYOD (Bring your own device) movement, increased speed of business, the need to do more with less and grassroot social collaboration.
Honorable mention:
By: David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist and best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing
This one makes the honorable mentions list because it was one of the most popular, even though it wasn’t authored by a Partner. WPC 2013 Speaker David Meerman Scott discussed the value of storytelling. ​