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“To meet the changing needs of your customers, your business needs to be comfortable in adapting to new technologies to be competitive in the future.” – Gavriella Schuster

With the growing list of services and capabilities available in the Microsoft Cloud, it’s likely that your conversations with customers will need to include Microsoft Azure. Even if your practice is not Azure-focused, your sales and technology teams will benefit from understanding the fundamentals of Azure as they pertain to cloud infrastructure, enterprise mobility, data management and analytics, application development, and the Internet of Things. Adding Azure to your toolbox can help you become a more nimble, successful cloud solutions provider.

Maximize your company’s potential, capitalize on the next generation of business, and stay competitive by using these resources to build Azure knowledge and skills across your partner organization.

1. Self-paced, interactive Microsoft Azure training courses

Microsoft recently announced free Microsoft Azure training courses that are available in a self-paced, interactive online learning environment. Upon completion of these courses, individuals receive digital certificates.

Here is the current list of training courses, and more courses are in development. Visit the main page regularly to see what’s new.

Course list and enrollment links

2. Partner Technical Journeys for the Intelligent Cloud

Partner technical journeys guide you through a mix and progression of technical presales, deployment, and application development services, as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership technical benefits.

Take the Azure-related technical journeys

  • Cloud application development
  • Cloud infrastructure and management
  • Data platform and analytics
  • Mobility and security

To follow these journeys, start at the Build the Intelligent Cloud technical services page, and then select the tab for the journey you’re interested in. For each journey, expand the menus using the plus-sign icon to see the services and get details about partner eligibility, access, etc.

3. Participate in the practice-building communities for US Partners

The Microsoft US Partner Team has established technically focused communities to help partners establish and build practices around Microsoft products and technologies. Each community includes regular partner calls led by Technology Solutions Professionals and featuring expert speakers, a Yammer group where you can engage with experts and other partners, and blog series aligned to the call topics and other relevant content.

Start here to learn about the practice-building communities

Check out the blog series for these Azure-oriented communities. You’ll find links to register for calls, join Yammer groups, and get training within these blog posts.