Nov 26,2020

Unlock the opportunity as HoloLens becomes available in the UK

We are thrilled to announce an important milestone as we expand Microsoft HoloLens to six more countries, including the United Kingdom. HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high definition holograms in your world.

Microsoft HoloLens

Since our January 2015 debut our team has been hard at work empowering developers and organisations to bring the vision of mixed reality to life. It’s been fascinating to see what has been created by our commercial partners and the team remains in awe of the way developers are using HoloLens. Over 80 exclusive mixed reality apps are now available in the Windows Store. Developers are turning floors into lava, creating aquariums in our living rooms, setting off mixed reality fireworks, and creating new ways to improve the quality of life for humanity through the power of holograms.

From the moment you get the chance to experience HoloLens, you can see the start of a very special journey. We are proud to share the news that today; HoloLens is coming to the UK in the form of HoloLens Development Edition and HoloLens Commercial Suite. Specifically, as of today, UK-based developers and customers can pre-order either edition from Microsoft Store.

When we set out to pioneer mixed reality we knew that many of the best innovations would be discovered only when developers and organisations started developing with HoloLens.

To get you started, visit for details on the advanced technologies HoloLens hardware and holographics, on commercial scenarios like Volvo, Case Western University, Trimble and NASA and developer information for helping you to get started.

We are also delighted to be at Future Decoded on November 1st and 2nd and look forward to you joining our resident #HoloLens experts @mtaulty & @peted70 on November 2nd for UKs 1st holographic development session where you can learn how to bring ideas to life and experience the wonder of high-definition holograms in an exclusive hour-long developer track session with Pete Daukintis, technical evangelist for Microsoft in the UK.

Please register to join us for a webcast on 3rd November, where we will share more information on Microsoft HoloLens and the types of scenarios that we are seeing being built.

Alongside you and your customers, we’re looking forward to seeing what you dream and create, as you join the growing set of people and organisations whose passion and ingenuity are transforming the future of computing.

Microsoft HoloLens Team