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Nov 26,2020

GTM Blog Series Part 5: Activating your go-to-market benefits

As you grow your partnership with Microsoft, you unlock benefits offered through the Go-to-market (GTM) team. You can get these by obtaining a competency, becoming co-sell ready, or through a specific programme.

All the benefits available to you can be found on your Partner Dashboard. Under the benefits section, select Go-to-market:

Being a Microsoft Partner automatically gives you access to a number of self-serve tools, which should all be accessible and displayed on your dashboard, along with a brief explanation of each. These are listed below.

  • Digital Marketing Content On-Demand (a topic we explored in our previous GTM blog)
  • Smart Partner Marketing
  • Sales Enablement Platform
  • Partner Marketing Centre
  • Geo-Expansion Readiness Assessment
  • Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment

Alternatively, you can find more details and access each of the above through the Marketing Resource Hub. You can start working through each of these tools today.

Once you obtain a Silver competency (the equivalent to becoming ISV co-sell ready) or a Gold competency (the equivalent to becoming IP co-sell ready), you unlock even more benefits – as detailed on the table below.

Again, these will appear on your Dashboard as they become available to you. To use these benefits, you select the activate button on the right-hand side. Please note, once you activate a benefit you need to use it within three months.

Once you’ve activated a benefit, the marketing contact listed on your Partner Dashboard will receive an automated email from the GTM team – be sure to check your junk inbox for this! You will also need to reply and share your Public Business Profile link, so the GTM team can assign you a Partner Engagement Manager (PEM). Once that’s done, your PEM will reach out to discuss the next steps.

The GTM team have put together the following Go-To-Market with Microsoft Guide, which gives a more detailed description of each of the benefits, along with examples and the steps you’ll need to take when activating the services:

Download the Go-To-Market with Microsoft Guide

For the non-self-serve benefits, there should be a date in the Expires column. Depending on why you have access to benefits, you’ll need to use them within a certain time period, usually a year.

It’s worth noting, if you’re enrolled in multiple programmes which grant access to benefits, you will still only have access to each benefit once. For example, you might be enlisted on the ISV Connect Program with access to co-branded materials and have a Gold competency which also grants access to co-branded materials. However, you can still only utilise the benefit once.

The same applies if you’re part of a global company, so it’s worth checking in with global teams who may have already utilised the benefits, or are planning to.

If you’ve accessed benefits through a competency, the benefits will renew annually with your competency. If you’ve accessed them through being co-sell ready, you’ll only have access to them once.

And don’t forget, you can unlock more benefits as your grow your Microsoft partnership. You’ll find more information about this and your access to worldwide GTM services in the partner journey deck.

Wherever you are in your marketing journey, we offer targeted services to help you unlock growth opportunities for your business, accelerate your time to market and generate demand. The UKMC can help fast-track your experience with the GTM team, answer any questions about your benefits and help amplify any content you create alongside the GTM team.

You can reach out to them here: ukmc@microsoft.com.

In our next (and final) GTM blog, we’ll look at how you can use PPC to find new customers and measurably boost your business.