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Nov 26,2020

GTM Blog Series Part 2: Introducing your UK Marketing Concierge Team

When you invest in your marketing, you can rapidly boost business revenue. You’ll also go to market faster and with greater impact. But it can be hard to know when to start, how to maximise your potential, gain new leads, or nurture existing leads.

The UK Marketing Concierge (UKMC) are a team of Microsoft marketing consultants offering all partners that operate within the UK a free and bespoke marketing consultancy. The UKMC offers support, no matter where you are in your marketing journey and partnership with Microsoft.

There are three ways which the UKMC supports partners:

  1. Providing a modern marketing consultancy

By working with the UKMC you get access to a fully, joined-up marketing consultancy service. This includes Go-To-Market planning, proposition development, branding support, and tactical advice – among other elements.

  1. A service personalised to you

At an additional cost, we can help you run packaged ready-to-go campaigns (all co-op compliant) in collaboration with UK-based, Microsoft approved agencies who specialise in working with partners, saving you time, and marketing stress.

  1. Offering strategy that delivers

Take advantage of the free, ongoing support to build out and launch powerful marketing strategies. Benefit from the UKMC’s experience of working across vendors, agencies, Microsoft teams, and a huge range of partners at every stage of your marketing journey – as detailed in the UKMC engagement cycle, below:

The Engagement Cycle

We break down the engagement cycle for your marketing activity into five key stages:

  1. Introduce and explore: First, we consider the level of your partnership with Microsoft, for example – do you have a competency? Are you listed on Marketplace? We’ll also ask you to think about which elements of the journey you feel you need most support with. Then we work with you to identify what stage you are at.
  1. Review and build: The Review and Build stage is all about ensuring you have the foundations in place to start building out a solid marketing strategy. By engaging with the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, ensuring your team have the right skills in place, and running marketing workshops, we can help enable your success. 
  1. Drive demand: With your strategy in place, we go ‘live’. We work through your campaign set up, content creation through to demand and lead generation. These elements can be executed with the support of one of our Microsoft-approved agencies, who specialise in working with Microsoft Partners. 
  1. Develop: Now you have leads coming in, it’s time to consider the nurture process – keeping them engaged while attracting new prospects. Events are a great way to learn more about your current customers while engaging directly with prospects and we offer agencies at a range of price points. We also offer sales-floor days which are an engaging way to build pipeline while increasing the confidence of sellers.
  1. Evaluate: We take some time to review the activity undergone during your engagement with the UKMC. We’ll look at what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, whether we could have done anything differently and ways to improve, before moving back to the Review & Build stage.

Helping you grow

At the core of this cycle are the UKMC, acting as a conduit to pull together all the marketing resources available. This includes any benefits available through the GTM team (or a specific programme) as well as tapping into the relevant teams within Microsoft for add-on services, while considering the packages available through the UKMC catalogue.

As your partnership with Microsoft grows – whether that’s through attaining competencies, or becoming co-sell ready – we’ll work together to identify the Go-To-Market benefits that become available to you and help you utilise these at the right stage of your journey.

By considering these elements, the UKMC can work with you to create a cohesive, strong marketing strategy.

Look out for our next GTM blog, which will explore how you can effectively engage customers with on-demand digital marketing content.

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