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Nov 26,2020

GTM Blog Series Part 1: Acquiring new cloud customers

The best thing about the cloud is its ability to transform workplaces through tools and tech into something truly great and innovative. In my previous blogs, I’ve already shown you how you can gain the skills to use cloud and new technology to deliver solutions to your customers.

Partners have the amazing ability to help customers reimagine how they bring together people, data, and processes to gain value from the cloud. What this year has shown us is that when an organisation moves to the cloud, it makes them more resilient and adaptable to changes they face. It also scales with their business and demand when they need it.

“We are seeing organisations take a two-year transformation plan and implement it in two months. But customers need partners to help them scale and accelerate the adoption. Look to existing customers and where you can help them with this digital transformation and the ongoing support you can provide them.” –Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

In this new world of remote working and digital connection, how do you acquire new customers? We have plenty of resources and support to help you create an effective marketing strategy that will land you new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

Let’s start at the beginning: Marketing

No one buys an important technology solution from a stranger. You have to earn prospective customer’s trust. These days, this has to nearly all be done digitally.

Smart Partner Marketing

If you feel your marketing strategy needs a revamp then Smart Partner Marketing is a great place to start. Get resources such as training guides, tools, and how-to-guides. But before you go diving in to these, take the time to step back and assess your needs.

Identify where you are with your marketing. No matter the size of your organisation and your expertise, we’ll help you initiate marketing activities and generate demand with Smart Partner Marketing. This helps guide you, whatever stage of the journey you’re on:

Getting established

If you have two or less marketing staff, you need to develop key skills, and build a strong foundation with the right tools to market to your cloud customers effectively. Understand your customer needs and focus on what differentiates your business from competitors.

Boosting impact

Once you’ve got established, or have around 3-5 marketing staff, here’s where you build on top of your cloud marketing foundation and amplify results. You’ve got a prospective customer’s interest. Learn how to nurture those leads into clients. We also share the importance of consumption in cloud-based solutions and how to up- and cross-sell.

Building loyalty

Now you know a thing or two about cloud marketing, or you have a marketing team of over six, this is where you learn about deepening your customer relationships. This is when you bring your people, processes, technology, and data together to really understand your customer’s experience. This will help you build a strong foundation of growth, turning current customers into champions and gaining new customers.

Go-to-market with Microsoft

We also have resources to help you introduce your solution to new customers on our go-to-market resources page. These will help you grow, and give you extra support. You can activate GTM benefits in Partner Center and now use Solution Workspace to track the progress of these benefits.

Reach more customers

Find referral opportunities that will help you connect to the right customer, increase your visibility with customers, and capture their attention with an optimised profile listing. Get customised feedback and recommendations to ensure your profile listing showcases your solution’s features and benefits, plus guidance and best practices for managing referrals.

Get extra go-to-market offers

As a partner, you can purchase additional go-to-market offers, from fully managed lead generation campaigns to sales enablement content.

Silver and Gold partners

As your partnership grows with Microsoft, Silver and Gold partners or ISV Co-sell and IP Co-sell partners earn even more GTM benefits

This gives you access to even more resources that will help reach new customers such as a Co-branded case study, social marketing assets, press release with Microsoft exec quote, and more. To find out what benefits you are eligible for visit the GTM section in Partner Center.

Co-op program

We want to help Gold and Silver partners differentiate and build channel awareness and preference for Microsoft products. This is why we have our Partner Incentives Cooperative Marketing Fund (Co-op) program.

The aim of this program is to reimburse earned funds to participating partners. This isn’t just to reward partners, but it’s for us to reinvest in your business to accelerate future results and meet key objectives. Find out more about the Co-op funds resources, including the comprehensive guidebook.

Marketing Resource Hub

You have a great cloud solution to share with potential leads, but part of a great marketing plan is to have high quality content to go with it. We’ve got several resources you can leverage to supplement and streamline your marketing.

Partner Marketing Resources

Use the Partner Marketing Resources to find updates, the latest partner readiness materials and marketing campaigns. Here, you can find specific solution resources, such as those for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure. And this doesn’t just include a few pretty pictures. We’ve collated pitch decks, email templates, whitepapers, videos, customer cases, digital content, offer information, guides, and plenty more available to all partners. These will help put you in the best position to showcase how the cloud will open your potential customers to great new things.

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Think of Digital Marketing Content OnDemand as your own personal digital marketing assistant. It’s truly an awesome sidekick to your digital marketing strategy and is available at no cost to partners.

By building and optimising your digital marketing strategy with Digital Marketing Content OnDemand, you can capture and close leads. It uses intelligent, predictive understanding of digital marketing to make you reach the right people, with the right content, at the right time.

With consistent digital marketing, you can become a legitimate voice in your cloud solution area. A real-time feedback dashboard lets you know how your marketing is going and ensure that what you’re sending out is relevant and timely.

It also has a training library, tips and tricks, and weekly webinars, to ensure you get the best out of your new assistant.

Quorus Content Hub

Quorus is another smart hub. It lets you incorporate the latest content that supports your solution area or cloud product into your materials while tracking the usage and performance. This means you can make sure of the value and impact of your marketing as well as spending less time finding the content you need and more time nurturing leads into customers.

Global Growth Center

We’ll help you harness the value of being a Microsoft partner, break into new markets globally, and scale your solutions directly and through partner channels. 

Learn more about your opportunities with Microsoft

If you’re looking for assistance building your business and learning about what opportunities you can have with us, we’re here to help.

Cloud Enablement Desk

We’ll assign you with a dedicated cloud program specialist who will help you connect with customers, sell with us, and market yourself better. It’s available to you at no additional cost. All you need is a MPN ID and to commit to spending a little bit of time with your cloud program specialist once a month. Find out more about our Cloud Enablement Desk.

UK Marketing Concierge

You can always get in touch with the UK Marketing Concierge (UKMC) team. They offer all partners that operate within the UK a free and bespoke marketing consultancy. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, or whatever level of partnership you have, the UKMC offers support. If you’d like to hear more from the UKMC about what they do, including more information on some of the resources mentioned in this blog, visit our Partner Journey Deck, or get in touch with a consultant.

Over the next coming weeks we will be deep diving into the following topics, so look out for the follow up blogs on: