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Jan 12,2021

GTM Blog Series Part 7: Build your brand and business with Microsoft Advertising

An important part of building your business and brand is to engage with your audience in a personalised way. When you put people in the centre of your strategy, you are more likely to create meaningful connections. 

As we’ve moved into more digital ways of engagement, you may find you need to look at new ways you can grow your audience, reach people globally or locally, or leverage new tools to inform your campaigns. One such avenue is with Microsoft Advertising, a trusted partner who helps connect you to your customers and grow your online presence successfully. 

Keep reading to find out how you can build deeper connections to your audience, reach your ideal customer, and how to get started.

A unique audience intelligence

​Microsoft Advertising enables marketers to deliver great digital experiences. This, in turn drives better marketing performance for you.

To achieve those great experiences, Microsoft has curated robust, privacy-safe consumer data sets, including search and web activity, LinkedIn professional profiles, and demographics across hundreds of millions of internet users worldwide. Advanced machine learning algorithms are then applied to develop audiences based on a powerful set of attributes, such as product and brand preferences, purchases and conversions, content preferences, and location. This unique audience intelligence offers marketers the ability to deliver more relevant messages to the right audience at the right time.

Helping you reach your ideal customer

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Advertising solutions there are audience targeting options available for everyone to ensure you reach your ideal customer. 

By offering you total flexibility, you can reach a more targeted audience and therefore get better performance from your campaign. Ultimately, it means you can get a better return on ad spend. For example, ads shown to In-market Audiences saw up to a 17 percent greater conversion rate [1] (CVR) than the same ads shown to non-audience targeted users. ​ 

Another great example is with LinkedIn Profile Targeting. Microsoft Advertising is the only advertising platform (other than LinkedIn) that allows you to target potential customers based on their LinkedIn profile information. This includes company, industry, and job function. You can easily reach your core audience and target different campaigns to different users. Microsoft research found that ads shown to LinkedIn Profile Targeting audiences saw a 15 percent greater click through rate than ads shown to non-targeted users and a 42 percent greater conversion rate.[2] 

Still unsure? Here’s some more reasons to give Microsoft Advertising a try

Microsoft Advertising powers some of the world’s biggest search engines and alternatives to Google, including Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant and many more. You can advertise with all these search engines through just one provider.

Microsoft solutions are built with security in mind, with an uncompromising respect for user privacy and control, brand safety, data security and platform integrity, coupled with a commitment to combat fraud. 

You don’t need to restrict your advertising just to search. Microsoft Advertising gives you the opportunity to expand your existing search campaigns into native advertising environments on MSN, Outlook and Edge, leveraging trusted Microsoft properties for your campaigns and further expanding your reach.

Where do you begin?

Now that you’ve learnt about Microsoft Advertising and want to get started, where do you begin? We want to set you up for success, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to hit the ground running. You can set up an account at ads.Microsoft.com. You can even import your campaigns from other search engine marketing products like Google Ads with just a few clicks. ​ 

Another option is to work with a Microsoft Advertising partner. We have a programme, like the Microsoft Partner Network but for advertising. And as you all well know, there is a lot of value to working through a Microsoft Advertising Partner. They will do all the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and as experts in their field, they can increase the efficiency and performance of your campaigns. They also have access to Microsoft support to enhance your campaigns, including features/Betas before general release. ​

Find out more

Get in touch with a Microsoft Advertising Expert today, and view our webinar from 3 February to learn how you can get started with Microsoft Advertising.   

[1] Microsoft internal data; U.S. pilot performance data using “bid only” targeting, April 2018

[2] [2] Microsoft internal data; U.S. pilot performance data using “bid only” targeting, April 2018