There is always a lot happening at Microsoft, instead of having to navigate through all of the news, let us do that for you so that you only receive word of the announcements / updates / offers / trainings that are most relevant to partners based in New Zealand.

We have many communication channels for New Zealand partners specifically. The content on these channels are curated by the NZ Go-To-Market team with support from the wider NZ One Commercial Partner team.

The NZ Partner channels include:

  • Newsletter (monthly)
  • Webinar (monthly)
  • NZ Partner Hub (weekly)
  • Connect Newsfeed (weekly)
  • Yammer Network (daily)
  • Twitter (daily)

We have multiple channels because different people have preferences on how they like to keep updated. All of the most important pieces of information for each month will be highlighted in the Newsletter and the Webinar – for those looking for a top-level overview of what is happening these are the channels to prioritise.

The NZ Partner Hub sits as the heart of our communications to partners – a lot of the content will sit on there and we will use the other channels spotlight them.

To Stay Ahead:

  1. Subscribe to the Newsletter
  2. Register for the 2019 Webinar Series on Microsoft Teams
  3. Bookmark the NZ Partner Hub
  4. Join the Yammer Network
  5. Follow our Twitter Account

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please drop us an email at

Meet and Connect with the NZ Go-To-Market Team:

Pip Simeon – New Zealand’s Go-To-Market Lead overseeing Partner Marketing, Enablement, and Communications.

Christine Foote – Drives Microsoft’s investments in Go-To-Market motions with New Zealand Partners across all solution areas.

Olivia Carter – Drives Microsoft’s investments in Go-To-Market motions with New Zealand Partners across Surface.

Vitor Cabrera – Drives Microsoft’s investments in Partner Enablement activities for New Zealand.

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Radi Baboe – Drives Microsoft’s Partner Communication strategy and execution in New Zealand.


Learn how we can accelerate your business. Visit the Microsoft NZ Partner Hub at