In a digital world, the skills required to plan, deploy and manage IT projects have changed. In fact, these skills will keep evolving at an increasingly quicker rate as technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and application development take off with high demand from customers. Change is the only norm on the IT industry and those that ignore this will soon be left behind by their competitors.

The current scenario makes it hard for companies to keep updated and make sure they’ve got all the talent they need to sustain their existing projects and grow as they acquire new customers. The era we live in requires a ‘Learn it all’ culture where professionals are constantly learning and developing new skills. Companies that wish to increase staff retention rates and keep their teams highly motivated have to implement personal development programs to close critical skills gaps, future-proof staff’s knowledge and develop leaders.

We all know the critical role training plays on any organisation yet we see so many companies failing to drive this culture shift internally. One of the main challenges of investing in training is how to effectively measure the progress and impact of any training effort. What’s not measured is not managed and without appropriate reporting its hard to set goals and measure success.

Microsoft wants to support your business growth and staff development fostering a true appetite for lifelong learning. In order to do that we are streamlining our learning platforms and positioning Microsoft Learn as the go-to portal for online learning. Microsoft Learn is receiving massive investment and focus and we are excited with the new features being added and the ever-growing content library available. We hope to better support your company’s growth by providing a platform where you can take ownership of your employees’ ongoing training via on-demand, bite-sized content, without the cost of travel and expensive facilitators.

Microsoft Learn Report on Partner Center

MPN Partner Admins will find this report in their Partner Center dashboard, under the “Analyze” tab.

Tips for use:

  • The “learn more” link at top left of the page leads to additional guidance.
  • Use the “3M, 6M, 1Y, Lifetime” buttons at top right to adjust the data set.

Note: this is our first version of MS Learn reporting on Partner Center. As we add more functionality to the report, you can expect to see “playlist” reporting on MS Learn, and the XP “points” your employees accrue on Microsoft Learn could lead to recognition and rewards.

GET STARTED NOW: How Microsoft Learn reporting will work for partner organizations

Microsoft’s system can make your employees’ training activity in Microsoft Learn visible to you only if your employees are using their work email accounts when they sign in on the Microsoft Learn site.

Most people use their personal email account (MSA) by default on training sites, as training is considered a personal activity or achievement. This is why we’re launching a new feature that will allow learners to add their work email account (AAD) to their Profile on Microsoft Learn. This is also known as account linking.

When they link their work email account to their Profile in Microsoft Learn, your employees’ training data will flow into Microsoft’s Partner Center system, where it will be visible to you as the Global Admin, in your new Microsoft Learn report on Partner Center. You’ll be able to track course completions, see who the most active learners are and recognize them for their achievements.

Instructions for your Employees: How to link your email accounts on Microsoft Learn

  1. Go to Microsoft Learn
  2. Click the account linking URL. This will bring you to the account management section in the Microsoft Learn profile settings.
  3. If you have not registered or signed in, the site will prompt you to do so. After successful sign in, you will be brought back to the account management section.
  4. Click the ‘Add account’ button. Type in your work email account (AAD). When you add a work email account, the site will ask for your permission to report your learning progress to your employer.
  5. After you successfully link your AAD/work email account to your Profile, your training accomplishments will be visible to your organization’s Global Administrator in their Partner Center dashboard. Over time your completion of training in Microsoft Learn will earn you recognition such as experience points (XP).

Best Practices for MPN Global Administrators

Take advantage of the Microsoft Learn opportunity.

  1. Migrate your MPN membership to Partner Center – Reporting of learners’ activity in Microsoft Learn will only be available to organizations with AAD accounts in Partner Center.
  2. Direct your employees to sign in on Microsoft Learn with their work (AAD) email account – The site is tracking partners by their AAD email account and sending the data to the new Microsoft Learn report in Partner Center. 
  3. Explore your Microsoft Learn training report on Partner Center – Partner Admins can view Microsoft Learn training results for their employees in a new Power BI report on their Partner Center dashboard.
  4. Watch for new features! Coming later this year: homepage personalization, the ability to create training “playlists,” share them, and track how others consume them, content syndication for your Learning Management Systems.

Upcoming Partner Features on Microsoft Learn

New features are being added to Microsoft Learn on a monthly basis. Watch out for the playlist feature (similar to a learning path creator) that will allow you to curate and assign learning plans for your team. (this feature is expected to go live in September 2019).

Below is the roadmap of capabilities being developed for the Microsoft Learn portal.

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