Nov 10,2020

Azure In a Day Workshops

Here are the upcoming Azure in a Day Workshops.

Data Modernization

Manage a one-day hands-on customer workshop that focuses on the value and process of migrating apps and databases to Azure. Solutions: SQL Database, SQL Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS).

Enlighten Designs24/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs1/12/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs8/12/2020Register here


Walk through a range of cloud analytics capabilities, including how to create an analytics pipeline, empower self-service, and build a data-driven culture. Solutions: Analytics, Synapse, Azure AI, PowerBI.

Enlighten Designs25/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs9/12/2020Register here
Theta17/11/2020Register here
Theta19/11/2020Register here
Aware Group7/12/2020 
Aware Group20/11/2020Register here


Understand AI’s value to your business with best practices and scenarios, demonstrations, and hands-on interactions with Azure AI solutions. Solutions: Azure AI.

Enlighten Designs26/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs10/12/2020Register here
Aware Group2/12/2020Register here
Aware Group16/12/2020Register here

.NET App Modernization

Learn how to modernize your .NET applications using Azure services and the latest technologies for application scalability, resiliency, and agility. Solutions: Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database.

Enlighten Designs25/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs2/12/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs2/12/2020Register here

Cloud Native Apps

Host a session designed to accelerate your customers’ ability to modernize and create new applications using a Cloud Native Application Development approach based on Kubernetes, DevOps, and microservice architectures. Solutions: Kubernetes, DevOps, managed databases.

Enlighten Designs26/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs3/12/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs12/11/2020Register here
Enlighten Designs26/11/2020Register here

Infrastructure Migration

Help your customers understand how to migrate workloads to Azure. Provide participants with the knowledge and skills to migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and their associated database tier to Azure.

Lancom3/12/2020Register here