Aug 19,2019

Elevate your Marketing: how to craft the perfect elevator pitch

A good elevator pitch succinctly summarizes who you are and what you do, while clearly communicating the value you bring to a person or organization. Most importantly, your pitch should grab the listener’s attention to ensure a lasting business connection.

A refined pitch serves as an invaluable tool to elevate your daily interactions:

  • Introduce your product or service to customers
  • Network with potential business partners
  • Present a new idea or direction to stakeholders

How to craft your pitch

Most pitches should last from 45-60 seconds—so it’s essential to make every word count. By preparing and practicing ahead of time, you can organize your thoughts and prioritize your messaging. Over time, you can learn to adapt your pitch for different audiences or to focus on a specific product, service or value prop.

How do you create a great pitch? Follow these five essential steps:

1. Identify your goal
Do you want to sell your services, connect with business partners or promote your company? Your goal will drive the direction of your pitch. When tailoring your pitch to your audience, also identify the problem and solution that they’ll find most valuable.

2. Concisely introduce yourself
This isn’t the time to give your life story and background—give your name and get to the point quickly. Deliver your pitch using clear, easy-to-understand language, and avoid using industry jargon.

3. Focus on the value
This is the big one—the heart of a great pitch. Why should the listener care about what you’re saying? What’s in it for them? Clearly communicate the benefit you or your services provide, how you solve problems, and the value you offer.

4. Be unique
What sets you apart from the competition? Explain how only you can do what you do. Back this up with data or results you’ve achieved. Be authentic and let your personality show.

5. Ask a question
Ending with a question opens up the conversation and allows for further engagements.

Remember: a good elevator pitch doesn’t stop at the elevator—you should always exchange contact information to keep the conversation going.


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