Aug 05,2019

Important Update: Microsoft Licensing Request Process

Globally we have now moved to a paid service that is available to all partners. We also believe that most companies now know [or should know] how to manage their licensing in VLSC for on-premise software [or can request access/support for the same] and Microsoft 365 and Azure portals for all cloud products.

Microsoft Provides the Volume License Service center for customers to access and manage their VL licensing [and the Azure and O365 portal to manage cloud services]. As an alternative to this they also offer a new Microsoft License Statement service that provides a comprehensive view of existing Licensing Inventory that enables you to focus on your customer’s overall Licensing Strategy.

The MLS is based on a set of real-time calculations that:

  • Applies all upgrade and maintenance-type licenses to full licenses acquired through each volume licensing program, including Enterprise, Select, Select Plus, Open Value, and Open License programs.
  • Uses licensing rules and product release dates to produce the most accurate license summary of the customer organization.

And with the Power BI Reporting View, your customer’s license agreements data can be viewed in powerful charts and graphs in one centralized dashboard, eliminating manual report building from your side. Through simple and interactive displays, it helps you to stay focused on the metrics and data that are mostly important.

The new service requires registration and you purchase credits to use the service. The website to register and get started is  

The service provides a 96 hour SLA and is a paid service.

MLS Credits USD Cost Per MLS Total / Cost Savings
1 $50 $50
10 $45 $450 $50
25 $40 $1,000 $250
50 $35 $1,750 $750
100 $32 $3,200 $1,800

If you have any questions please let me know or reach out to the MLS team at

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