Jun 09,2019

Selling with Microsoft – Understanding co-sell

Partners are reaping the benefits and seeing co-sell deals close nearly three times faster, projects that are nearly six times larger, and drive six times more Azure consumption. For the period of July 2018 to February 19, Gavriella Schuster reported $8B (USD) in contract partner revenue. This figure represents an almost 3x increase compared to FY18 from just IP co-sell and we haven’t even closed Q4 yet signalling that there is a lot of opportunities yet to be captured.

Four ways for partners to sell with Microsoft

Here are the four ways partners can sell with us, starting with the largest potential scale. See the Selling with Microsoft image below for facts about each.

  1. Publish your application, solution, or offer to a Microsoft marketplace like AppSource or Azure Marketplace
  2. Partner-to-partner relationships through Cloud Solution Provider engagements
  3. Sell through inside sales
  4. Sell through enterprise field sellers


“Co-sell ready” – what does it mean?

The term “co-sell ready” applies to solutions. These are apps and service offerings that are packaged and approved for co-sell with Microsoft, across solution areas. Requirements for a solution to be considered co-sell ready include:

  • Partner organization holds active Gold Cloud Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Solution listed in OCP Catalog
  • Completed co-sell bill of materials, uploaded to the solution listing in OCP Catalog
  • Minimum of 3 verifiable customer wins, with at least one in each geography where the partner will be co-sell active (these must be verifiable, but do not have to be referenceable or published)
  • Partner organization designates at least one dedicated partner sales contact for each co-sell active geography. One contact can cover multiple countries/markets
  • Enabled and activated for Refer and Track or Partner Sales Connect lead sharing

Co-sell ready solutions and service offerings that uniquely meet customer needs may be prioritized for pro-active co-selling, and featured on the solution maps.

What to know about IP Co-sell

An IP Co-Sell ready solution is a commercially available, packaged, third-party solution with more than 50 percent repeatable IP code on Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Dynamics. These are “app-like” solutions that have undergone additional technical review to qualify for co-sell status.

To be considered IP Co-sell ready, a solution must meet the co-sell requirements listed above, plus these additional requirements:

  • Commercially available, packaged, third-party solution
  • Listed in AppSource or Azure Marketplace
  • Includes more than 50% repeatable code running on Azure or Dynamics via the ISV Cloud Embed program
  • Has a published price list, designed to be sold with a SKU/set of SKUs
  • Solution has a technical validation approval for the current fiscal year from the local partner technical team where the partner’s solution is built or managed.

IP Co-sell ready solutions are eligible for sales incentives for Azure and Dynamics co-sell. Local and area teams earn scorecard credit for each qualifying win.

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