Jun 05,2019

A new way of learning and showcasing your skills

How you best learn will likely differ to your family, friends, and colleagues; there is an increasing number of avenues for you to learn in the digital age. This evolution in learning is reflected in Microsoft’s official certifications. Skill up, prove your expertise to employers and peers, and get the recognition and opportunities you’ve earned.

Certifications that align to market needs

Our digital world requires that people have the skills needed to design, plan and deploy IT projects. Over the last few months, we began transitioning our official certifications and exams to reflect a role-based model. This change has one main objective: to align technical certifications to the way the market recruits and showcases technical capabilities. The new Microsoft official certifications will allow you to demonstrate you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Digital badging has also been updated to make it easier for you to showcase your skills on digital platforms like websites, LinkedIn and other social channels.

Refer to the below roadmap for a full view of the latest Microsoft role-base exams and certification paths.

Download the certification roadmap interactive PDF

“Upon earning a certification, 23% of Microsoft certified technologists reported receiving up to a 20% salary increase. What’s more, certified employees are often entrusted with supervising their peers—putting them on the fast track for a promotion.”*

According to the Pearson VUE 2017 Value of IT Certification Survey, Microsoft certifications are highly sought by the market and professionals fell rewarded and recognised by their effort. Microsoft was on the top of the table for certifications done and on the plans of interviewed professionals. Cloud, Security and Networking featured as the top 3 certification areas professionals are looking for.

*Pearson VUE 2017 Value of IT Certification Survey

What’s changing for Microsoft partners and competencies?

The new role-based certifications’ changes are also being reflected in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competencies. Microsoft wants to ensure that:

  1. IT professionals and developers can validate their expertise
  2. MPN partners can showcase their technical capabilities to customers
  3. MPN partners can showcase their technical capabilities to Microsoft to unlock further benefits

Below is a view of MPN competencies that will have their requirements updated from the 1st of July 2019 onwards. If you’d like more details about what requirements are changing and new eligible exams please download this MPN competencies guide.

Upskilling for the digital transformation

Once you identify the certification you or your organisation wants to pursue its time to get learning. Microsoft has a broad portfolio of training initiatives to help you build new skills and achieve official certifications.

Every person learns on a different way: some prefer traditional in-person courses and a classroom format; others prefer online learning and the flexibility to study at their own pace. Regardless of your learning style Microsoft is here to help.

You can check the upcoming in-person courses happening in a city near you at the NZ Partner Hub training calendar. You can also reach out to one of the official Microsoft learning partners – Ace Training and Auldhouse – for official curriculum courses.

Microsoft is heavily investing in online learning and our two main platforms have been revamped. Now it’s easier to find the training you need searching by job role or solution area. Gamification features have been added to the Microsoft Learn portal to make your learning experience more fun.

There are also great third-party learning platforms featuring several Microsoft online courses:

Learning paths to help you achieve your certification

If you already know what certification you want to achieve, and are ready to start learning, we can give you a little help. We’ve put together a list of online learning paths aligned to Microsoft official certifications so you can get started straight away.

Important notes:

  • These learning paths will help you build some of the skills required for the correspondent certification exam. Completing these courses don’t replace the official exam and your approval on exams is not guaranteed;
  • Currently, there are not online learning paths available for all official exams. We’ve provided the details we have currently and will update it in the near future with the latest content;
  • For Microsoft official curriculum courses please reach out to an official Microsoft Learning Partner (Ace Training and Auldhouse in New Zealand);
  • You can check the details of each Microsoft official exam and required skills on this link.

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