Feb 11,2019

How to strike gold selling the cloud

In the gold rushes of the 19th century, everyone thought they could get rich quick.

It was the California Dream. Men. Women. Families. Businesses. They heard fantastic stories of fortune, and they wanted a piece of the action. They sold their homes and possessions to move across the country, and sometimes even further – to wherever the gold was. It was a free-for-all.

The ones that struck rich were the mining companies that put money into gold, the merchants that traded for gold, and the transports that moved gold around the country. They made gold their business. But for the casual prospector, it rarely worked out.

Because it’s not enough to know the trends. Being part of the crowd isn’t going to make you rich. To be successful, you need to dedicate yourself to your goal.

The Cloud Dream

Now, 200 years later, there’s a new rush. Everyone is selling the cloud, hoping to get rich quick.

It’s the Cloud Dream. And it’s another free-for-all. IT partners from around the world. Operating technology companies. Even telco providers. It looks like competition has never been fiercer.

But don’t be fooled. There are more casual prospectors here than you might think. Your competition might know the trends, but are they really dedicated to the cloud? By making the cloud your business, you can do what they can’t. With the right strategy, you can make the Cloud Dream a reality for your business.

A four-step journey

So what’s the strategy? How do you make the cloud your business?

The best partners have a golden reputation. How do you make sure customers know you for your unique and specialised service?

You’ll need to know where opportunity is going to strike. Which people, processes, tools, and tracking will get you where you want to be?

And once you’ve done all that, you have to work hard to stay on top. Why should customers keep coming back to you?

Well, forget selling all your possessions and moving across the country. You can strike gold in the cloud with everything already in your business, and a little help from an expert.

To stand out and succeed as a modern cloud partner, there are four steps you should take. Find out what they are on our cloud partner profitability page. There, you’ll also find guides on taking each step. With them in your belt, you’ll be striking gold in the cloud in no time.

Remember, it’s not enough to know the trends. The cloud space may be competitive, but you can stand out by following this path. So are you ready to make the cloud your business?

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