There’s an exigent demand for fast and cost-effective solutions from the education customers to create, access, consume and collaborate content effectively within and outside the premises. With the competition getting intense, use of the state-of-the art technology to facilitate improved teaching and learning experience is the need of the hour for every education institute.

With the world going cloud, we have taken substantial steps towards enabling campus on cloud. Microsoft Edu-cloud Solution is a step in the same direction, providing best-in-breed cloud solutions and services to empower education institutes become “trusted cloud” enabled and enhance the teaching and learning experience for its faculty and students.

Every institute needs solutions that empower their staff and students to collaborate seamlessly across multiple devices for classes, assignments and projects anywhere, anytime. And Microsoft Edu-cloud enables campuses with such cloud powered infrastructure. Being a complete communication and collaboration package with productivity tools, cloud services and other learning resources, the solution gives institutes access to latest version of Windows 10 & Office 365.

Education Institutes in India can opt for any of the two Edu-Cloud Solutions, provided it has a minimum of 50 FTEs. Edu-cloud solution components include Office 365 for Education, Microsoft InTune and Windows Enterprise for SA (add-on). Microsoft IT Academy too is available as part of the Edu-cloud depending upon the solution type that an institute opt for.

Additionally, the Edu-cloud campus also gets Office 365 Pro Plus and Microsoft InTune for all campus students at zero-cost and access to the Azure Educator Grant Program. . It also includes an Edu-Cloud Welcome Kit that has a Certificate, PR kit, Student MVA and Webinar invites.

How Edu-cloud solution benefits the campus?

Campus with Edu-cloud solution gets a 50 GB e-mail box with school domain, latest productivity suite (Office 365), collaboration platform (in form of SharePoint) and a cloud storage of 1.0 Tb on OneDrive.  Faultless mobile device management, running websites, developing and hosting apps, creating project simulations on Azure cloud platform are all part of the package. Microsoft InTune allows management of devices over the web-without having to control and own them completely. It ensures that the student –owned devices are up-to date with virus protection, without having to rebuild them with a school-defined computer image.

Microsoft Edu-Cloud core productivity tools across entire campus are easy to set up providing a lot of flexibility and choice, by having Cloud on institute’s terms. It maintains and complies with security measures. These host of cloud based solutions and services speedily transforms the entire campus to ‘trusted cloud’ in most cost-effective manner.

It is seen that more and more education establishments are resorting to these solutions and becoming highly advanced.

What is your role?

Today’s students and educators are digital natives and you are in the driving seat to help them imagine the future with Edu-Cloud. Become a Microsoft Authorized Education partner (AEP) to realize the cloud opportunity in the Education segment.