There are tens of millions of businesses in India that are still to adopt IT as a tool to help grow their businesses and profits. At the same time, we have the emergence of technologies like cloud and mobility that fundamentally change the accessibility of IT by reducing costs. The growth and potential that lie ahead from the convergence of an untapped market and innovative solutions are truly exciting for our sector in India.

Bringing India’s Small Businesses online and fully leveraging the power of IT will require a partner network that reaches into every city in India and provides services that support those that are just about to use IT and those that are looking to move onto the next generation of tools.  Some customers will simply go online and purchase the tools, but many many more will need the guidance and support of a local partner to  understand the value of IT and then take their first steps in leveraging the tools.  This is why we believe that Microsoft’s partners have such a large contribution to make in Digital India and a large opportunity to accelerate their own growth.

In order to capitalize on the upcoming opportunity, the reseller community will need to focus on a few key fronts. 
First, partners need to certainly keep serving and building relationships with their current customers, but also shift their attention to the whitespace areas that are substantially larger than the current market being reached.  This whitespace includes customers in Tier 1 cities who are only using the most basic capabilities of their IT investments and can use additional products/services, customers in Tier II and Tier III cities who have not made their first Software/Service purchases, and customers who do not have PCs but now have smartphones and tablets (even those that are not Windows but can now run Office!). 
Second, partners should define and present the solutions that are relevant to these customers.  These could include use cases and applications that partners develop themselves or that come from others in the ecosystem. 
Third, partners should look at the new models of servicing their customers like Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Advisors, etc. These models can present new options that fit the needs of new customers.

Transformation is underway in our country, sector, and businesses.  Microsoft is excited about the opportunity and know that this journey to accelerated growth will require our continued partnership.  We look forward to sharing ideas and learnings through this blog and together achieving the huge potential that lies ahead!
Thanks as always for your partnership!