Understanding what today’s customer wants and offering them transformative solutions that answer their business needs is key to engaging and becoming a trusted advisor for your customer.

Organization’s expectations from your customers, particularly CXOs, are mounting – they are called upon to be technologists and strategists. They also are increasingly looked upon as service providers working to meet the needs of the various constituents and departments within their organization.

Any customer who hands you a problem is also giving you an opportunity to solve it. You can make a difference, when you know how your offerings answer these pain points and improve their business.

Right now, your customers across every sector are looking for digital solutions to traditional problems. Thanks to the new business dynamics, they need to adapt in real time – altering their products and services to meet market demands – even as trends change. In short, they need to find ways to be relevant, efficient and more cost effective. While profitability underscores the customer asks, there are a few core capabilities that will set them apart, improve efficiencies and help them thrive in the new dynamic. Here are the top asks from technology buyers with real examples of how Microsoft’s solutions helped address these key needs.


The last few years have seen an increase in security vulnerabilities across regions and sectors for businesses. Given the proliferation of connected technologies, organizations face a significant challenge in securing their data – the most valuable currency in the digital era.

Office 365 E3 keeps Bajaj Finance secure and prompt

Bajaj Finance Ltd is the country’s fastest personal loan giving agency and the first to give business loans 100% online. With over 2,300 salespeople selling loans on the field alone, they wanted modern, integrated collaboration and communication tools that employees could use on their PCs and mobile devices, and deliver their cutting-edge solution in a secure manner.

Office 365 E3 plan was the perfect fit. The email, collaboration, and web conferencing services, available through a flexible, per user, per month subscription, offered a cost-effective way to provide employees with the productivity tools they needed. By using OneDrive for Business, their employees could save and access documents on the cloud. Office 365 of course, addressed all their security requirements in addition to its compliance needs. Read more about the solution here.


Over the last few decades, digital innovation has become a critical skill to achieve success across economies. It not only helps customers stay relevant and ahead in the current environment but also brings an extra edge to enter new markets faster.

Amway creates digital engagement with physical products and spaces

Amway, the largest direct selling company in the world wanted to stay relevant and differentiated by transforming its consumer and distributor experience, with new, immersive digitally-engaging technology.

Amway India partnered with Microsoft to conceptualize and design an Experience Store. It leverages multiple new-age technologies such as augmented reality, gamification, virtual makeovers, interactive table applications and virtual carts to give an immersive experience to the user. Watch how Amway redefines its omni-channel experience here.


Profitability underscores every ask of the CXO. In today’s business environment, companies cannot settle for incremental improvement; they must periodically undergo performance transformations to get and stay on top.

Engagement and productivity leads to profitability at SailFin

SailFin Technologies is a key partner to leaders in cloud computing platforms and services. Due to rapid growth, communication bottlenecks were dampening the productivity and motivation of new recruits and were impacting efficiency and engagement.

By adopting Office 365 online suite, including its social features, SailFin turned a seemingly unfavorable scenario to its advantage, slashing attrition by as much as 70% and driving revenue by 35-45%. Office 365 groups have been set up around locations, departments, projects, and even carpool, travel, and fitness to enable open conversations and collaboration. Read more about the solution here.


In a progressively fast paced business environment, it isn’t enough to be compliant. Agility is just as key to adapt quickly to changing business needs and stay relevant and profitable.

Inclusive health benefits to millions of under-served Indians with Reliance Insurance

Reliance General needed to reach out to millions of health insurance customers in the least amount of time. They needed to manage nearly 10 million insurance enrolments and to process more than 5000 claims a day, while checking if they adhered to over 2,500 business rules.

The on-demand scalability of Microsoft Azure enabled over 11 million enrollments from 1400 healthcare centers across India 5000 insurance claims processed per day. Microsoft Azure SQL empowered with high data availability and rapid query processing on a highly scalable environment. Microsoft Azure Ensured data security and privacy on a pay-per-use model. Watch how they did it here.


Insights can drive growth for customers by meeting consumer needs better than their competitors do. Customers who know how to turn their data into insights have a big competitive advantage in generating better efficiencies, deeper understanding and new organic growth.

Transforming healthcare delivery to patients

Fortis Group wanted to differentiate itself in the healthcare industry by creating value and offering a better experience for their patients using insights from their data.

Fortis used infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) to bring agility and build and deploy applications for their solutions. Machine learning and Azure made patient data readily available to all Fortis employees, which helped it transform healthcare delivery. The group capitalized on the flexibility and scalability of Azure which also frees the hospital from IT infrastructure management. Watch how Microsoft helped Fortis change the face of healthcare here.

Creating technology sales conversations

Technology is redefining the business landscape in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and so are technology sales conversations. For ideas on how to get the conversation started, be sure to see our ModernBiz resources. These conversation starters, including videos, sales decks and more, will give you a head start on understanding your customers and how to work with them.

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