The last fiscal year has been unprecedented for Microsoft – both globally and in India. A year where we have striven to perform as we have transformed. A year where have obsessed about our customers and partners like never before.

I would like to thank you – all our partners in the country for your efforts and invaluable contributions in helping Microsoft close the last fiscal on a high. Your partnership and support have enabled us to deliver commendable business growth across all our major verticals – the enterprise commercial segment, mid-market and small businesses, government departments and educational institutions alike. Truly, it is the HOW of our partnership that has been inspirational this year.

Our success from last year has given us the inspiration and audacity to take our aspiration up and set the theme for the coming year as the Power of ONE. In this next year of our journey together, we want to unleash this collective Power of our partner ecosystem to the market like never before.

Through our partner listening circles, we have received feedback and invaluable insights from many of you and I am truly delighted with the ideas, passion and commitment that each of you bring to our partnership.

The market is transforming massively and it requires us to collectively engage and adapt to this transformation, while maintaining our agility. The Cloud is no longer a trend. It is a REALITY and it is our responsibility to address this reality by recognizing and e​ngaging with the new buying centres in our customer organizations.

The good news is that we recognize this transformation and are preparing assiduously – the availability of Microsoft cloud services from local datacenters in India later this year would open up unprecedented opportunities in the government and the private sector alike.  They will enable the government to extend new possibilities in e-governance, financial inclusion, healthcare and education, positively impacting the lives of people, not just in the state but nationally, in the most commercially viable manner. They will also accelerate innovation and open new opportunities and scenarios for commercial businesses, especially amongst the BFSI sector, ISVs and start-ups.

We need to work together to take the power of this unlimited computing capability to our customers. While we witnessed the emergence of new and Born-in-the-Cloud partners for Microsoft in India during the last year, we plan to help each partner cross-over to the Cloud this year and make Office 365 and Azure our dominant and mainstream drivers of business. We will position ISV and solution partner IP assets and focus on consumption like never before.

The coming year promises to be an exciting and eventful one. We are truly excited about the possibilities that the market presents and look forward to your continued partnership in unleashing the Power of ONE.

Karan Bajwa

Managing Director, Microsoft India