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We are investing daily to make the MPN program richer and more relevant for your business. I would hate to see money left unutilized on the table , if you do not avail the program benefits to its fullest.

To harness the power of the program, here are few key Must-dos, which I strongly recommend with rationales on why I term them “Core Essentials”.
1. Select the Right Profile as the Primary Program Coordinate (PPC)

As the name suggests, PPC is the primary contact for us at Microsoft. All information relevant for your business are relayed to the PPC. The updates are targeted to help you scale your business and increase profits. Hence selection of PPC is key for any organization to help meet the business objectives. The ideal profile of a PPC is a senior executive of the organization who:

  • Has a thorough understanding of the business and is accountable for business growth for the organization
  • Is a Decision maker or a good influencer of key stakeholders within the organization
  • Can allocate min 20% of his/her time in a week on staying abreast with the program

2.  Ensure PPC credentials are correct and complete with favorable “Communication Preference” settings.

Microsoft is unable to reach out to the PPC if the credentials are incomplete or incorrect. Even if the coordinates are correct, we are unable to stay connected if the PPC has not opted in for email|phone communication. A

3. Ensure all relevant stakeholders are associated to your organization MPN ID.

To access the content and be recipient of timely and role-based relevant communication from Microsoft, the stakeholders need to be associated to the MPN ID of your organization id with correct and complete credentials and appropriate “Communication Preference” settings.
4. Bookmark MPN Website in your favorites.

We have overhauled the MPN Website to make it more engaging and intuitive and be the one-stop shop for all Partner related information and communication. Stay tuned to the website for 24X7 access to all Program related Tasks| Information |Updates | Communication.  We have also integrated Social Platform within the MPN Portal to stay connected (Connect 365) and have a stronger P2P connect.
5. Update your Pinpoint Profile and keep it refreshed once in two weeks.

We would like you to leverage from our new robust Pinpoint Marketplace and get leads for yourself. The new Pinpoint has inbuilt analytics and lead management dashboard, which gives you the ability to track and measure customer information in real time and be rewarded for responsibe customer care using the Partner Center.
I also recommend that you fall back on Membership Essentials page on our MPN Website to refer to some other checklist items including the core essentials specified above.
Help us to help you scale your business!

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