As the time is nearing for Inspire 2017, scheduled to be held at Washington, D.C. from July 9-13, 2017, I want to convey my thanks to all partners who showed interest and registered for the event. We are extremely excited about the upcoming event and look forward to meeting you all at Washington, D.C.

Inspire is where our most engaged, top-selling partners come together to get the business done, within a community driven by collaboration. Therefore, we want to make sure that you leverage this opportunity to propel your business growth and transformation. To keep things in sync, we will keep sending out all the relevant announcements to keep you updated and enthusiastic about the event.

Here are some important updates and call to action requested from each one of you to ensure we don’t miss out on the opportunities and the fun planned. Do read all the instructions and if you have already taken the necessary actions, please ignore.

  • To help you plan better for the event, we would send you an “Inspire Kit” in the mid of May. Please share your mailing address and cell # at if you have not already done so.
  • As most of you know, we set up a WhatsApp group (exclusively for event related communication) to keep you updated about the event and help resolve any generic query you have. This year, we plan to use Kaizala instead. So please read about this app and download it at the earliest, so that we can start including you as part of Inspire 2017 Kaizala group.
  • To help you quickly and easily find the right sessions for your business, we are sharing with you the draft agenda for the event. Please be on the lookout for launch of session scheduler by way of which you can also book the slots on your calendar for the meetings you wish to attend. Session catalog is already live @
  • Please do note that we have a full day offsite Keynote at National Harbor and hence requesting all of you to plan your return preferably on the July 14 (please make the hotel reservations in accordance).
  • Tabled below is the confirmed list of MS India team members who are traveling. A few more names may get appended on which we will keep all of you informed. If you are willing to schedule 1:1 meetings, please drop a note (with the proposed agenda for the meeting) at and we will try to get the meetings set-up with the required stakeholders ahead of the event.

First Name Last Name Designation
Anant Maheshwari President
Bertrand Launay Chief Operating Officer
Amit Kumar General Manager SMS&P
Dhanniya Venkatasalapathy Partner Business & Development Lead
Manish Sharma SMB Lead
Anil Mathur Director, Enterprise Partner & Industry Sales
Indrani Choudhury Director, Microsoft Partner Network
Kulbhushan Chand Director, Partner Practice Development
Ravi Garg Director, Hosting & Cloud Services
Ganesh Shanmuga Sundaram Director, Partner Sales
Divya Jain Director Dynamics Business – PTU Lead
Kaushal Mehta Director, Partner Incentives
Aruna Reddy Director, Global Partner Services
Sujay Kaul Sr. Services Delivery Manager
Kapil Kocher Technical Sales Manager

Start prepping for the event now to make the most of it!

Partners are core to the success of Microsoft. Microsoft Inspire is where you’ll accelerate your partnership with Microsoft and find new opportunities for profitability.

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