The world has moved to a new era, an era of digital transformation where smarter and adaptive technologies are defining what we do today and are helping shape our future. With the adoption of cloud and data analytics, India is witnessing the fourth industrial revolution today. This revolution, driven by cloud and data has the potential to create massive impact. By 2025, India is expected to have 15,000 tech startups generating about 3,50,000 employment opportunities, 20M SMBs on Cloud, 500M more skilled professionals. Companies all over the world are now being challenged to transform from being an organization that just uses digital technology, to being a true digital organization. Today, digital transformation has impacted almost every industry in India. Mobile first cloud first technologies and solutions are helping us change the way we view the world.

Need of the hour is for a trusted technology advisor

This Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it a massive boom in the number of mobile and digital devices across the country. There is an immense digital shift that our society is undergoing and that is also impacting businesses. The digital transformation journey has already begun, but India is yet to take full advantage of this new era. We need to ride this wave and enable India to be a digital superpower of the new age.

It is essential to understand that digital transformation is not just about the change and advancement that modern technology is bringing, but it is more about strategically building the technical and digital capabilities of the nation and its industries as a whole. Organizations across the country are faced with the challenge of finding a partner who can guide them on the path of digital transformation and make it happen for them. It is our constant endeavor to help customers innovate, create solutions and achieve success with technology that puts the customer at the center and is mobile first cloud first by nature. We at Microsoft, can’t do this alone. We need you, our esteemed partners, to work closely with us and our customers to make this happen.

Leverage the trends that are driving digital transformation and seize the opportunity!

Here are some quick steps that you can implement to help transform your customer’s business digitally:

  • Use analytics to get a 360-degree view of a customer and transform that information into predictive insights and recommendations that delivers personalization at scale
  • Design an intelligent, flexible and secure workplace that truly aids productivity and collaboration across geographical and organizational boundaries
  • Build intelligent processes, accelerate with technology disruptors like IoT to improve service level, increase operational efficiency and reduce overall operational cost
  • Differentiate and disrupt competition by using data as a strategic asset to transform products and business models; evolve from hindsight to foresight

It may seem counter-intuitive, but in many ways the path to digital transformation is not just about adopting new technology…it requires business leaders to embrace a different way of bringing together people and processes with those technology tools…an openness to re-envisioning traditional business models and the mindset of a digital company in terms of how you engage your customers, empower your employees and optimize your operations to reinvent products and business models.

Digital transformation is your transformation, supported by our commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Be the champion and herald your customers to this new era with solutions that offer them sound expertise, intuitive scalability and in-depth understanding of the best technologies from the vaults of Microsoft. Come join us on the road to digital transformation.

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