Digital transformation is a theme I’ve been exploring a lot lately. The more I look at it, the more I realize just how far reaching the possibilities are for India. It’s an exciting time for us and virtually every industry is being transformed by digital technology.

Every company is becoming a data company, and mining data is helping transform products and make them more relevant in the current market dynamic – marking a key shift from hindsight to foresight. This is helping customers evolve from seeing “what happened” and understanding “why it happened” to predicting “what will happen” and ultimately, knowing “what should I do”. Used with embedded software and technology in products and services organizations can create intelligence, transform products and deliver value.

Here’s how data is being used with emerging technologies with outstanding results that personally excite me.

Connected products

Use your investments in smart connected products to improve the efficacy of new products and services, combining product telemetry with customer insights. The connected product innovation solution from Microsoft compares product design from PLM with customer usage insight garnered from IoT and CRM to support engineering and design changes, and to seed new product ideas.

Example: Tata Motors builds a connected driving experience

Challenge: To enhance in-car connectivity and efficiency and provide an enriched mobile experience for its consumers.

Solution: A connected ecosystem that can integrate into the digital lives of customers. The Microsoft Azure-enabled solution will offer drivers and passengers a immersive digital driving experience – advanced navigation, predictive maintenance and vehicle centric services, remote monitoring of car health, external mobile experiences and over-the-air updates.

Technology: Azure cloud + IoT + AI + Machine learning

Connected consumer devices

Mobiles and data can work together powerfully to deliver context-specific rich consumer experiences and services and even narrow the digital divide in India. The Microsoft connected consumer devices solution enables product manufacturers to deliver transformational customer experiences, taking advantage of advanced technology innovations around IoT, big data, social, cloud, mobility and natural user interfaces.

Example: PALS Global helps farmers increase their harvest output
Challenge: With illiteracy amongst Indian farmers leading to poor productivity and wastage of food produced, PALS Global was looking for a way to spread awareness of farming and empower illiterate farmers across India with power of speech and visuals.

Solution: PALS Global developed Virtual Agri Services – an app that uses cloud-based predictive analytics to offer farmers crucial information to help reduce crop failures, increase yield and even sell their produce. The insights are generated from data on weather conditions, soil and other relevant indicators.

Technology: Azure cloud + Machine learning

Connected Experiences

Empower your employees to engage with your customers 1:1 so you can transform your products, optimize your operations and find new sources of revenue.

Example: Amway goes digital to redefine the omni-channel product experience

Challenge: To transform how customers experienced their products with a view to meet the needs of today’s value-conscious, digitally-savvy customers.

Solution: A socially-enabled virtual makeover solution across their stores. Amway leveraged mobile, analytics and social-led solutions with the help of Azure, application development and IOT to deliver experiences to both customers and suppliers.

Technology: Azure + Analytics + IOT

How does Azure Machine Learning help?

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning simplifies data analysis and empowers you to find the answers your business needs. Azure Machine Learning works by teaching the software to find patterns in the current data so that it can predict future events and seek out the patterns in future data.