Cloud has been gaining momentum year-over-year as the world is going Cloud-first Mobile-first. Thus, it becomes quite obvious that you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to make money in the Cloud since the size and space of this opportunity is quite colossal! Everybody including the early adopters and ‘born in the Cloud’ solution providers are doing everything it takes to milk it. And do you know this is what makes them more profitable and they are rising 2X times quicker than a non-Cloud partner.

With more and more businesses adopting a Cloud first procurement strategy, IDC research has indicated that the majority of CIOs have already espoused a “Cloud-first” purchasing strategy, and that this movement toward the Cloud is expected to only grow in future.

The Cloud has reached the point where businesses are no longer debating whether or not to use Cloud. IDC has proved this by forecasting that public IT Cloud services revenue (i.e. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) will reach $141.2B USD by 2019 worldwide. Not only this the “Greater Cloud Spending” will surpass $500B by 2020!

Get the power to Cloud with Modern Microsoft Partner series

It has been rightly said, ‘Prepare plans by consultation, and make war by wise guidance’. The IDC eBook series sponsored by Microsoft is a perfect ‘Go Cloud Guide’. Being a compilation of five eBooks, it has a great deal of information to help IT solution providers like you along the road to success in the Cloud. What’s more, the series is complete with insights and supreme practices that cover a range of significant business topics.

If you are a beginner in Cloud, get to know the ABC of the Cloud today with the first eBook, The Booming Cloud Opportunity- Part 1 that lays the foundation for the series and focuses mainly on highlighting the convincing indication around the profitability lurking in the Cloud.

On top of a Cloud-enabled approach, to be successful in future you will have to focus on four key elements. And it is these topics that shape up the rest of the Modern Microsoft Partner series and are the four pillars to be a Modern partner-a Cloud partner.

  • Differentiate to Stand Out
  • Modernize Sales and Marketing
  • Optimize Your Operations
  • Deliver Customer Lifetime Value

Since the success comes to those who do similar things but differently, in your Cloud business you should master at least a technology, or a vertical, or a business process, regardless of your geography. With a unique proposition you will be in a better position to win more business, increase profitability and better serve your customers. To distinguish your Cloud business, download the eBook Modern Microsoft Partner -Part 2.

IDC has projected that above 65 percent of the buying decision- making process is concluded online before a customer even talks to a vendor. With this striking change in customer buying process with the Cloud, the third book will stress on how critical it is for you to invest in modernizing your sales and marketing engines. Apart from sales and marketing strategies, the fourth and fifth eBooks will showcase the importance of operational processes that shouldn’t be underestimated in order to deliver customer lifetime value.

Therefore, its clinched in one piece that whether you are an amateur to the Cloud or an expert in quest of new opportunities, the IDC eBook series by Microsoft including latest research, best practices and tools can help you maximize your profitability now and then.

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