Arvoisa kumppani,

Julkisesta pilvestä tuotetut ja käytety IT palvelut kasvavat hurjaa vauhtia. IDC:n mukaan vuonna 2018 organisaatiot käyttävät 127 miljardia dollaria julkisen pilven IT palveluihin. Miten pääsen nopeasti mukaan tähän liiketoimintaan ?
1)      Ota ottaa käyttöön kumppanuuden mukana tulevat tuhansien eurojen arvoiset käyttöoikeudet,
2)      Tutustu top 5 Azure skenaarioihin (lista alla) ja ota ne käyttöön omassa toiminnassasi
3)      Tutustu mitä palveluja voit tuotteistaa ko ratkaisujen ympärille,
4)      Tuotteista omat palvelusi (osallistu koulutukseen)
5)      Markkinoi, myy, toimita
 Azuren 5 käyttöscenaariota alla
1)      Manage and protect identities and information,
a.      Extend corporate user identities to a variety of mobile devices and apps
b.      Manage multiple device types running multiple operating systems
c.      Robust data protection
2)      Deliver Windows desktops and apps to any device with Azure Remote App,
a.      Employees want to stay productive anywhere, and access legacy/corporate applications through multiple mobile platforms (BYOD)
b.      Quickly ramp up and provide seasonal workers, vendors, or  new employees access to company applications without paying for new servers and expensive on-premises infrastructure—then scale down again when business needs change.
c.      Protect corporate resources and ensure compliance
3)      Backing up your data in Microsoft Azure,
a.      Get fast, simple backup and an easy way to restore lost files
b.      Backup files to a secondary location
c.      Quickly restore files when accidentally deleted or lost
d.      Retain files and data for legal requirements
4)      Providing Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery (ASR),
a.      Offer your SMB customers peace of mind with cloud-based disaster recovery
b.      Use Azure as your DR site and leverage automated workload recovery
c.      An affordable way to ensure disaster recovery to avoid capital expenses and high operational costs
d.      A way to reduce application downtime and data loss for both planned and unplanned outages
e.      Ability to conduct ongoing testing and monitoring
f.       Replicate heterogeneous environments – Hyper-V and physical
5)      Host apps in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines,
a.      Quickly and efficiently provision VMs, applications, and infrastructure from anywhere in the world
b.      Only pay for capacity used
c.      Little up-front capital expenditures
d.      Simple pre-configured solution for connection across VMs
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