The opportunity for partners to participate in the AI market is omnipresent and significant. In Canada, we are leading the way, locally and globally, in amplifying human ingenuity with AI. Irrespective of industry, whether healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, government, or education, organizations of all sizes are exploring how to leverage AI-based capabilities to modernize their operations, improve their customer experience or more broadly, enable themselves to become a digital business.

AI will not only create endless business opportunities for partners, but also will provide competitive advantages and tremendous benefits to those who are leading.

As I indicated in my post “The incredible AI opportunity for the Canadian Ecosystem”, we have some incredible work being done by our partners to lead with AI, that we wanted to share. As the first in a series of “unplugged” Q&A, I’d like introduce, and have some thoughts shared from Roy Pereira, their CEO and Founder.


About Zoom AI, and their core business

Roy Pereira:  The modern enterprise expects a new level of productivity and collaboration. But today’s apps don’t mirror those needs, forcing employees to use several apps and frequently switching between different windows, creating more busywork. is a chat-based productivity solution that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks. Make your workforce more productive. Empower them with the automated assistant for Microsoft Teams. improves workplace productivity issues and enables employees to work better through automating searching files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more. On average, saves employees 10+ hours a month and boosts productivity by 14%. The automated assistant acts as an intelligent layer that rests between a company’s preferred chat application and their entire tech stack. can centralize any organization’s data, knowledge and applications in singular access point.


What type of customer or specific functional area is focusing on?

Roy Pereira: targets large enterprises as the pain point at that scale is very large when it comes to productivity loss. The target industry profile is professional services including: accounting, management, IT and strategic consulting. Our target buyer within those enterprises range from leaders with broader overview of organizational challenges that we solve for, including: innovation, shared services, operations, transformation, and technology procurement.

How have the advances in Artificial Intelligence helped business grow?

Roy Pereira: We use both branches of AI at Natural Language Processing is utilized to understand what the user is requesting. Machine Learning is used to understand what the user’s preferences are and thus predict what they would like to accomplish from using our solution.

There has been a lot of advanced with both AI technologies and we have continuously updated and sometimes rebuilt those technologies to make our solution behave more “human-like”.


Generally, when you engage with a new customer, what is the key business challenge(s) they are looking for your help with?

Roy Pereira: Most customers come to us because of lack of productivity within most of their employees. With the removal of most of an enterprise’s supporting staff due to costs, employees are faced with handling more tasks, so the enterprise is interested in finding a low-cost effective solution to off-load those tasks.

The other issue that drives customers to, is the need to discover information inside their company by their employees. As our applications used inside the company continues to grow, it becomes harder to find relevant information and this issue causes employees to lose up to 20% of their work day.

The assistant inside Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business allows their employees to quickly offload administrative tasks and find all company information quickly and extremely easy.


Is there a specific customer that you would highlight where you’ve had a direct impact on their business outcomes?

Roy Pereira: One of our customers is the Sick Kids Foundation. They are currently migrating their entire technology stack to the cloud, but were concerned that employees would have difficulty finding their information and files after the transition. Explored using an AI-enabled chat assistant to facilitate easier information discovery.

By utilizing its the automated assistant, SickKids Foundation is now able to streamline their work, enabling them to work smarter in their mission to support the important work of the hospital.


Lastly, what are your thoughts on the future of AI and its impact on society?

Roy Pereira: AI represents a huge leap forward in the potential for technology to benefit us. So much so, that what we believed was work that we had to do with our technology will shortly not be required as that technology gains superpowers with the addition of AI. We, humans, will adapt as we always do and learn that we can now accomplish so much more by not being slaves to our technology but instead having the technology work for us.



Roy Pereira, CEO and Founder at, started off the journey with a dream of building the future of work. “The modern enterprise expects a new level of productivity and collaboration,” Pereira says, “but many of today’s solutions don’t mirror those needs, forcing employees to use several applications. Everyday we switch between different windows and software, ultimately creating more busywork. To address this workplace shift, equips employees with their very own automated assistant that connects a company’s entire tech stack via Microsoft Teams. The availability of and many other third-party Teams applications within Office 365 empowers organization to enhance their employee experience.”