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Partners! Microsoft’s recent Windows 7 and Office end-of-support announcements translate into a unique opportunity to help your customers modernize. This blog post covers what you need to know, say, and do to help customers reduce the complexity of their IT while greatly improving their security, collaboration, and productivity.


Customers want simplicity

IT moves at a breakneck pace! But in the real world, few internal IT teams can keep up with the constant releases and innovations (or end-of-support announcements), let alone manage the proliferation of devices, like phones and tablets. Customers want less complexity. They clearly tell us how important it is for IT to simplify the way everything works across devices, cloud services, apps, and PCs.

“Complexity is the absolute enemy of security and productivity… We’ve learned from building and running over 200 global cloud services that a truly modern and truly secure service is a simple one.” – Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Mobility + Security


And need better security

At the same time as they struggle with IT complexity, your customers may not fully understand what end-of-support means or heard the news about these legacy products. Help them understand that end-of-support means the end of regular security updates. As cyberattacks become increasing sophisticated and frequent, running apps and data on those old platforms creates significant security and compliance risk.


End-of-support means the end of regular security updates

Why security matters so much

Customers of all shapes and sizes need to make security a priority because reputation and survival hangs in the balance! If that sounds dramatic, just look at some of the facts in the enterprise space:

  • 4.2 billion customer records have been compromised
  • There’s an average of 99 days from breach to detection
  • The average cost of a security breach is $17 million

Even small businesses aren’t safe! Research also tells us that 43% of cyberattacks target SMBs. And when targeted, 60% go out of business.

Every Canadian organization, big and small, is a potential target. Help your customers modernize their technology before they get breached or hacked.


Give them simplicity & security in one

Move customers to the modern workplace—a single, simple, and powerful solution that secures all their apps, data, and devices. Explain how the end-of-support announcement represents an opportunity to upgrade to the modern versions of Windows and Office (i.e. Windows 10 and Office 365 Pro Plus) so they never have to worry about updates again. Then explain how Microsoft 365 bundles Windows and Office with the latest security and mobility technology into one, elegant package.

Think big! Don’t just upgrade customers’ apps or devices—upgrade their operations with Microsoft 365, the complete, intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10 & Enterprise Mobility + Security.



The modern desktop

As the crowned jewel of the modern workplace, the modern desktop delivers the most productive and secure computing experience and saves IT time and money, so they can focus on driving business results (not break-and-fix). Do away with the tedious, manual, and time-consuming process of managing desktops with a far more elegant solution.


Check out the modern desktop presentation from Microsoft Inspire

For a deeper dive and the Partner perspective, follow this link to watch a video on-demand from Microsoft Inspire. It details how Microsoft 365 provides customers with the most productive and secure computing experience for businesses and helps IT better manage devices and data, plus lower costs.


New! Easier app testing

Application testing and remediation—a critical part of any desktop redeployment plan—has historically been a very manual and time-consuming task. You know about System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, Windows Analytics, and Office Readiness Toolkit. But have you checked out Desktop Analytics? This new cloud-based service takes the guess work out of testing by offering insights about the readiness of your customer’s assets.

New! Ensuring app compatibility

Desktop App Assure—a new service from Microsoft FastTrack—addresses issues with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus app compatibility. Apps that work on Windows 7 should generally continue to work on Windows 10 and subsequent feature updates. But if issues arise, Desktop App Assure helps get you a fix by assigning an engineering to work with you to find a solution.


What about SMBs?

Microsoft 365 Business is a fantastic solution for small and medium-sized businesses. To learn more about your opportunity with SMB customers, watch this on-demand webinar. To learn how to present Microsoft 365 Business to your SMB customers, attend this webinar on Sept. 19th or watch on demand afterwards.

Stay informed! Follow the partner blog to stay on top of all the announcements and changes to Windows 7, Office 2016, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Enterprise.

Stay informed!

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