Are you a Microsoft Partner in need of better marketing? Then this story about WebSan’s innovative marketing strategy is for you. Their successful always-on digital approach enabled them to attract and convert a growing army of happy customers, earning them the 2017 and 2018 IMPACT Award for Modern Marketing Innovation!

No marketing?

Did you know that approximately 40 percent of Canadian small businesses have no website at all? Yikes! Businesses with weak or no marketing languish in obscurity. They could offer the world’s best service or products, but how would anybody know? With low brand awareness and no marketing campaigns in market, they don’t stand a chance of growing their presence into other provinces or south of the border.

Love it or hate it, marketing drives our economy. Don’t let the cost or the complexity of it prevent you from investing in your brand.

WebSan’s Way

Created by their in-house sales and marketing team, WebSan invests thoughtfully and consistently across marketing activities to achieve an always-on presence and measure it all with PowerBI. Their clever communication starts with products, like Dynamics, where they use original content to meet the needs and wants of prospects and customers.

“People will say to me, ‘what’s your marketing strategy?’ and I say to them: look it’s 30 different things and they all require a significant amount of attention.” – Andrew King, Managing Director, WebSan

Self-serve educational assets

One example of their customer-facing content in action is their Dynamics 365 Business Central Content Pack. This experience allows prospects to explore Dynamics at their own convenience, plus ask questions, access proprietary videos, and more. They also offer WebSan University, a learning management solution, with training content that ensures their customers get the most out of their Dynamics experience.

YouTube stars

Speaking of video, WebSan’s investment in the development of original how-to videos and in-depth webinars has paid big dividends. Over the years, they’ve created extensive libraries and use these videos, not just to educate customers, but for lead generation as well. From their YouTube channel, they spark questions from prospects about their product offerings, leads they qualify using live chat on their website. This YouTube/live chat combo has shortened their sales process and closes more deals.

“It’s also very counter-intuitive. We publish content that most partners consider intellectual property. But ultimately from a marketing and sales perspective, it’s just credibility.”

Search works too

WebSan has invested in search advertising consistently to advertise its services and products, specifically to create and leverage brand awareness for Dynamics 365 Business Central. They’ve seen their lead volume grow over 120 percent through these digital advertising efforts, helping them build a powerful online presence.

“We’re everywhere! People see us on YouTube, in blogs, and on our website, which has great SEO and SEM. We’ve followed a natural, consistent cadence of webinars and videos for over seven years.”

Winning results

WebSan’s commitment to always-on digital marketing has resulted in impressive results, including a significant pipeline of b2b Dynamics 365 leads and lots of awards. Their skillful combination of search advertising, original video, and live chat/web works to attract interest while their strategic use of educational content ensures that their customers stay happy. Smart!

WebSan’s smart marketing has helped them attract 60 new Dynamics customers in the last 12 months, which averages to a little more than one new customer a week!

Two IMPACT Awards

For their marketing innovation, WebSan earned the 2017 IMPACT Award for Modern Marketing Innovation and just won it again for 2018. The IMPACT Awards, now in their fifteenth year, celebrate outstanding achievements across Microsoft’s community of partners.

“Winning the IMPACT Award validates our marketing approach. It reinforces what we’re doing and tells us we’re heading in the right direction because it is somewhat unique.”


Always learning

Like all innovators, the WebSan sales and marketing team commits itself to staying on top of digital marketing innovation. Within Microsoft’s partner network, they’re active members of the Dynamics 365 Partner group on Yammer and attend the monthly Partner Community Call, which provides them with insights into marketing strategies.

“We also take advantage of Microsoft’s Business value program to help us make the sales cycle and customer experience work together. Their customer immersion experience takes the customer through everyday business situations and shows how the products integrate.” – Andrew King, Managing Director, WebSan


About WebSan 

WebSan Solutions Inc. is a multi-award-winning company recognized for its top-notch customer service and software solutions. With offices in both Toronto, Canada, and Indiana, USA, they’re a premier Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner and IT consulting and solutions provider.


About IMPACT Awards

Every year, Microsoft Canada hosts the IMPACT Awards to celebrate innovation in technology recognizing the outstanding work our partners do to deliver virtually seamless solutions to customers. The IMPACT Awards highlight the excellence and innovation within our Canadian Partner community.


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