Today’s small business owners face daily challenges in running their businesses, and one of the more difficult challenges can include managing an IT infrastructure. We designed Windows Server 2016 to help.



Safeguard your business

Microsoft technologies have protections built-in to help safeguard data across devices and apps onsite or in the Cloud, help you recover from business disruptions


Key Features:

  • Just in time & Just enough Administration
  • Windows Defender for malware protection
  • Trusted/Secure boot
  • Shielded virtual machines
  • Host Guardian Services

Improve IT Efficiency and Productivity

To help deliver increased efficiency and maximize your IT investment, Microsoft’s technology gives you the business tools of a much larger company, at the right price.


Key Features:
  • Enhanced Containers
  • Stretch clusters
  • Rolling cluster OS upgrades
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage replica
  • Storage Quality of Service
  • Remote Desktop Services

Ready for the Cloud

Whether you are moving to the Cloud now or in the future; Get the best of both worlds, Microsoft technologies are design for hybrid cloud IT environments.


Key Features:

  • Encrypted Virtual Machines and Containers
  • Azure Backup, Azure Storage, Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Active Directory
  • RSMT Azure Remote Server Management Tools
  • Operations Manager Suite



To help you power your business, we’ve also created the program Device Partner Edge exclusively for Resellers, System Builders, and Refurbishers, to learn more about Microsoft products and programs.  Now, you can learn, earn, and redeem through Device Partner Edge and get access to all resources and training you need.

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