For the first time organizations employ workers coming from up to 5 generations. This creates as many opportunities as it creates challenges. Employees want to feel involved, they want to have a modern IT experience, choose and get great devices as well as being onboarded quickly. Getting a new PC at work should be a magical experience for an employee. It shows the company cares about making sure employees are productive and successful. Microsoft wants that experience to truly feel rewarding at the same time as we optimize results and cost for the whole company.

Traditionally, IT pros spend a lot of time on building, maintaining and customizing images that will later be deployed to devices with a perfectly good OS already installed on them. Windows AutoPilot introduces a new approach. From their perspective, the only interaction required from the end user, is to connect to a network and to verify their credentials. Everything past that is automated.

From the users’ perspective, it only takes a few simple operations to make their device ready to use.

Take a look at this short video on AutoPilot:




Any member of an organization can receive and without needing any IT assistance, are able to take a new device out of the box and with just a few clicks fully configuring it for productive use – no more images to create and maintain, no infrastructure to manage, and a simple process. For most organizations, this represents a significant departure from how Windows 10 devices are deployed and managed today, but brings with it significant benefits, both from a process perspective and an economic one.  Windows AutoPilot Deployment is a cloud service that enables IT to customize the Windows 10 out of box setup experience using a cloud configuration, delivering a self-service deployment experience with new Windows 10 devices.

Windows AutoPilot is a collection of technologies powered by cloud-based services, used to setup new Windows 10 PC’s along with enhancements to Mobile Device Management and new Device Health features in Windows Analytics. In addition, you can use Windows AutoPilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices.

Windows AutoPilot Deployment works seamlessly with existing Azure Active Directory and Intune mobile device management (MDM) services, enabling a new PC to be easily transformed into a business-ready device: joined to Azure Active Directory, enrolled in Intune, transformed to Windows 10 Enterprise, settings applied, Office 365 apps and line-of-business apps installed. Ready to go!

This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that’s easy and simple.

The Windows AutoPilot Deployment Program experience

Windows AutoPilot enables you to:

  • Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Auto-enroll devices into MDM services, such as Microsoft Intune (Requires an Azure AD Premium subscription)
  • Restrict the Administrator account creation
  • Create and auto-assign devices to configuration groups based on a device’s profile
  • Customize OOBE content specific to the organization


  • Devices must be registered to the organization. Hardware vendor involvement required.
  • Company branding needs to be configured
  • Network connectivity to cloud services used by Windows AutoPilot
  • Devices have to be pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise or Education, of version 1703 or later
  • Devices must have a good access to the internet
  • Azure AD Premium P1 or P2
  • Users must be allowed to join devices into Azure AD
  • Microsoft Intune or other MDM services to manage your devices

The end-user unboxes and turns on a new device. What follows are a few simple configuration steps:

  • Select a language and keyboard layout
  • Connect to the network
  • Provide email address (the email address of the user’s Azure AD account) and password
  • Multiple additional settings are skipped here, since the device automatically recognizes that it belongs to an organization.
  • MDM enrollment ensures policies are applied, apps are installed and setting are configured on the device. Windows Update for Business applies the latest updates to ensure the device is up to date.



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About the author: Bruno Dumouchel is a Partner Technical Architect in the One Commercial Partner organization at Microsoft helping our partners build profitable and scalable Modern Workplace and Modern Desktop practices.  Bruno joined Microsoft in 2016 after a 20+ years journey in the Telecom Industry.