Our Customers & Partners are doing amazing things!!  Reflect & Rejoice.   

It’s been a e challenging year.  We take pride in celebrating the success stories in the 2020 Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook.  These Canadian companies inspire and motivate small and medium-sized businesses to digitally transform.  

In every success story, we find an engaged customer and most often, a Microsoft partner. The 2018 Yearbook celebrate startup customers and partners. The 2020 edition features a collection of 15 remarkable, technology-driven Canadian companies innovating in their field leveraging AI, IoT, BI, and more.  

These entrepreneurial leaders collaborate with Microsoft to bring outstanding solutions to market through the power of AI, cloud-based analytics and computing, and augmented reality. 

Great Canadian Innovators 2020 

  • Explorance, the world’s largest provider of journey analytics solutions 
  • FGF Brands, North America’s largest bakers and a digital pioneer in the baking world  
  • HYAS, unique threat attribution solutions designed to pinpoint cybercriminals  
  • Kognitiv Spark, an industrial task support company using augmented reality and artificial intelligence 
  • MindBridge, the world’s first financial auditing solution using artificial intelligence  
  • Napoleon, fireplaces, gas grills, and HVAC systems sold globally in 16 countries 
  • OneOcean, the world’s most successful integrated navigation solutions provider  
  • PUG Interactive, customer loyalty-inspired gamification, creativity, and online engagement 
  • PureFacts, wealth management solutions using artificial intelligence, big data, and business acumen  
  • RamSoft, remote imaging and radiology solutions deliver collaborative patient care 
  • SPUD.ca, a zero-waste organic food delivery company using artificial intelligence 
  • Tactio Health, scalable healthcare solutions for digital care and connectivity 
  • ThoughtWire, innovative solutions to smart hospitals, spaces, cities, and buildings 
  • Trevali Mining Corp., a mining and metals company using artificial intelligence and business intelligence 
  • vGis, leveraging holograms and augmented reality to display municipal, structural, and technological infrastructure

These businesses show us how ideas, people and technology come together to create something powerful.  We are in awe of your accomplishments.  You inspire us to do more. 

Get Inspired by great Canadian innovators  

Necessity is the mother of invention. Business interruption can appear suddenly in many different forms. Challenging events often inspire companies and their employees to step up and deliver substantive outcomes. As Canada’s business sector rebounds, Microsoft offers assistance and guidance to all individuals ready to move their business forward. 

Graphic thumbnail image of the cover of the Great Canadian Innovators 2020 Yearbook featuring 15 stories of innovators from coast to coast.

Download the Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook 2020. Learn how digital transformation impacts each and every organization. Available as a PDF in English and French, the 20-page Great Canadian Innovators 2020 Yearbook honours 15 stories of innovation and provides information about Microsoft solutions and resources.

Become a great Canadian innovator 

According to a 2018 government report, 97.9 percent (1.18 million) of businesses in Canada are small and medium-sized (SMBs). 

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. More and more Canadian organizations, like yours, compete and innovate on a global scale.  Join the ranks of great Canadian innovators with help from Microsoft. Let us tell your story.  We’re here to help. 

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One or more of these stories may resemble your own journey and help guide your path forward.  We invite you to explore each innovator in the Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook 2020.  Learn about Microsoft’s three clouds: Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. Access free virtual skills training classes for business and technical streams. 

If you’re a startup, you may qualify for program offers from Microsoft for Startups. As an independent software vendor (ISV), you can join the Microsoft Partner Network and gain access to invaluable resources, like technical support, Azure credits, internal licenses, and much, much more.