The most common question I run into from companies across Canada on the topic of IoT is a simple one.

” I am very interested in the benefits IoT can offer to my company – but how do actually I get started?”

The value of implementing an IoT solution is clearly landing with companies of all sizes across Canada, but many are not clear on how to take that first step and begin their IoT journey.
This offers a massive opportunity for our partners to help educate and guide our customers on this technology trend and unlock massive opportunities to drive Digital Transformation. But let’s start with some numbers to quantify the opportunity.

Up to $11.1 trillion by 2025

Per McKinsey, “if policy makers and businesses get it right, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in [global] economic value by 2025.” They predict that consumer applications (like personal and home based devices, appliances, and cars) will capture 30 percent of that value. Business-to-business applications will capture the rest.

Canadian IoT market

That represents a significant potential market size. Over 7T dollars in commercial spending globally. But what about Canada? How much of that should we anticipate here at home? IDC forecasts the Canadian IoT market at more than $6.5 billion in value by 2018.

However, the partners who will be able to capture this opportunity are getting moving right now. The window for leading partners to establish technical credibility and market presence will be finite and the prep work needs to start immediately. This will be a market where early adopter advantage will be highly amplified, so taking action now is critical.

Making it easier to accelerate your IoT practice

Developing an effective IoT practice will be massively beneficial and lucrative for those partners willing to take aggressive action. And yes, designing, deploying, managing, securing, and measuring intelligent systems takes a lot of expertise and work, and you may not have all of the technical capability in house today. An enterprise grade IoT solution does require multiple skillsets – device expertise, application expertise, cloud expertise and analytics capabilities. We realize this and have made massive investments to simplify every aspect of IoT solution development.

Accelerate time to market with enterprise grade capabilities

We are laser focused on reducing time to market for any partner developing an IoT offering. Our rapidly growing IoT portfolio, spanning devices to the cloud, represents a real opportunity for systems integrators, BI experts, telco providers, OEMs, ISVs, security specialists & generalists.

Microsoft is working with customers and partners across multiple industries and regions to enable this digital transformation, and we’re seeing a new paradigm — an intelligent cloud with an intelligent edge.

What you can do

Take the opportunity. Talk to your customers/clients about the Internet of Things. Develop and host IoT envisioning sessions with your customers where you can brainstorm IoT ideas together and build a solid business case for an IoT solution for their business. And you shouldn’t think that you will have to deliver IoT solutions in isolation. You can leverage your technical knowledge and existing customer relationships to identify an opportunity. From there, we can connect you with other complementary partners and our own IoT specialist teams to make IoT real for your customers.

Canadian partner IoT resources

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