Ready to get inspired? As part of Microsoft’s response efforts, our team has worked with partners and customers across Canada to adapt rapidly to these very challenging times. Now, as the Canadian economy looks to rebound from the COVID-19 epidemic, we want to recognize and learn from some of the extraordinary achievements partners in healthcare, education, telecommunications, government, and other sectors.

None of us will forget the events of 2020. Amid the loss, many Canadian individuals and organizations have stepped up to help in some truly extraordinary and inspiring ways, especially for firstline workers. Behind the scenes, Microsoft partners have done their part, enabling customers to adapt quickly, and providing innovative solutions to operate.

To all those partners who have spent long days (and nights) ensuring business critical services and processes get delivered, we say thank you. You’ve done an amazing job. And to those partners who have managed to pivot their products or services in ingenious ways in service to our country, we applaud your ingenuity.

So many stories to share

In fact, in the next set of blog posts, I plan to share a series of inspiring stories of adaptation and innovation from Canadian partners in healthcare, education, telecommunications, government, and other sectors. True to Microsoft’s values, we curated these stories with some important qualities in mind, namely:

1. Commitment

These partners have shown a commitment to their employees, to their customers, and to fellow Canadians. While other organizations continue to adapt to the new normal, this select group of partners rose to the occasion by recognizing the importance of providing help.

2. Creativity

Technical ingenuity by app builders and technology companies are hallmarks of the Canadian Microsoft partner network since its inception decades ago. True to form, these partners have risen to the challenge again with imaginative and timely solutions.

3. Practicality

A solution only works when its affordable, scalable, and reliable. These resourceful partners came up with practical ways to adapt and innovate, leveraging available and emerging technologies to help adapt and respond to the challenges at hand.

4. Speed

Always vital in business and technology, speed to market helped save lives during the epidemic. These partners channeled their sense of urgency into action, demonstrating their ability to deliver meaningful outcomes quickly under intense pressures.

5. Ethics

Finally, these partners did it all ethically. Mindful of the threat landscape, these partners kept the security and privacy of their fellow Canadians top of mind and strived to make their solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

In his recent post, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela reminds us that “It is in times of great disruption and uncertainty that our ability to stay grounded in our sense of purpose and remain true to our identity is of the utmost importance.” I agree. By staying true to who we are and focused on doing the right thing, we can get this through challenging time and bounce back quickly.

Now, let’s get into the inspiring stuff with some extraordinary stories from the frontlines of the Canadian healthcare industry!